Dear Mom & Dad,

You're probably wondering why I'm writing this when I can text you both in a group chat message, but I have my reasons. I'm not a perfect child God sent from the heavens, and you both know that.

You both are my muse to keep going, even when I personally don't want to. I am reminded that you came from a different country, just for your unborn children to have a better life. I'm ashamed for feeling the need to give up.

I want to apologize for the country we live in and the discrimination we face every day.

You asked me the other day why I never told you about the harassment I used to get my junior and senior years of high school. But what was the point?

Your minds were already racing to go through the college process, I didn't want to put another weight on your shoulders. This country isn't fair to both of you, a couple of immigrants trying to survive and carry on with your family. But I admire you both for your determination, despite knowing this country is only your temporary home. When I was growing up, it was hard because I had so much energy, and neither of you guys knew what to do with me.

I'm sorry for giving you such a hard time, always yelling and running around. I'm sorry for having these dramatic fights with both of you and being stubborn. You both didn't deserve that, and I take fault for all of that.

Now that I'm in Stony Brook, I realize I need both of you.

I would not even be functioning without your support for my dreams that seem so out of reach. The love you have for my sister and me is infinite, and I'm so grateful for that. This letter seemed so overdue, maybe I should've written this earlier. People come and go, but I know for sure you'll both have my back till the day I die. I love you.


Britny B. (your favorite daughter)