An Open Letter To The World

Dear World,

Please hear me. I want everyone to stop what they are doing right now and just listen.

I know I am not the only one who is hearing the world's pain, hearing its screams as it is forced to watch the hatred and violence that we humans are carrying out daily, hourly -- constantly.

Why do humans still view hatred as a viable response to life?

There is already so much hardship and struggle on this earth. We don't need to add to all of it by acting out of hatred upon others.

Assault. Murder. War. Acts of terror. Why do we put so much effort into harming each other for our differences?

We judge others based on labels: sexuality, ethnicity, religion, etc. when what we should do is love one another for who we are.

This may seem like a secret to many out there, but you don't have to agree with everything someone else believes in order to treat them with love and respect! It is not up to you to force someone into agreement with you. If you feel very strongly about something, you can engage in discussion about it with others, but -- and pay attention closely -- don't use this discussion as an excuse to berate or belittle people with different values or labels than you. Enter into such discussions respectfully with an open mind and love in your heart.

Love and an open mind are key to fostering a better world to which we all belong.

Is it hard to love unconditionally? Of course it seems that way because everyone is bound to get on your nerves on some occasions, but if you take a moment and breathe, you can get past it.

Remove yourself from situations that you find threaten your ability to act out of love rather than hatred.

If we all do this, we will be one step closer to a more peaceful world.

It is up to us to denounce hatred, greed, and violence and to, instead, promote love, peace, and selflessness.

My message to my fellow man is this:

Love. Always love.

I love you!


Someone Who Wishes For The World To Reach Its Potential To Be A Better Place

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