My One Wish Is For You...

My wish.

I wish I had the time to start over. I wish I had the time to be with you. I wish I had the time to kiss you once more. I wish I had a lot of things. You're the one. I wish you would talk to me. I wish you would change. I wish everything.

But my most famous wish is to have you as my Christmas wish, my New Year's Eve kiss and my wish in general! I want someone to be stubborn as me. Be sweet as hell. And be normal. I want you. You're more stubborn than me and sweet. You're normal. Why? Well, let's just say you're the "one."

I wish, one day I could be wrapped in your arms again. Smelling your shirt just because it has that smell. Wishing we would be married. Wishing you're the only one in this world. When that's my wish. Truth is, I want you back. It hurts just knowing you're not gonna be happy anymore. I love you still.

I wish I could wake up to you just not getting out of bed but you. I wish I could hear the sound of voice, your laughter, and most of all, hearing you say "I missed you so much"

But I'm waiting for Christmas and New Year's Eve... for those wishes, because, in all reality, I just want you.

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