My One And Only
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My One And Only

We are sisters by blood; but by heart, McKenzie is my daughter.

My One And Only
Tori Lynn

“The love of my life” is a powerful statement often used to describe a partner or spouse. Though I have had neither in my lifetime, I catch myself saying it multiple times a day. My heart bursts with love and pride in more ways than one for my darling McKenzie. From her golden locks to mirthful personality, her beauty is endless and my love undying. We are sisters by blood; but by heart, McKenzie is my daughter.

For an 11 year-old, McKenzie is frighteningly gorgeous. She shares a striking resemblance to Malibu Barbie. With long, blonde hair, baby blues, and a natural tan, it is a wonder Mattel hasn’t boxed her up and shipped her to Toys’R’Us. McKenzie also has a thousand watt smile that lights up the room. However, it is not always a good thing. Depending on her mood, her smile may express pure joy or eagerness to break the rules. One can only decipher which it is by her actions.

As lovely as McKenzie is on the outside, she is far more exquisite on the inside. She strives to entertain everyone around her. For instance, I once babysat McKenzie for the day; and she was like a leech on a gunshot victim: Inseparable! She eventually allowed me to excuse myself from our activity for a brief moment to use the restroom. When I returned, McKenzie was nowhere in sight. I frantically searched the house and backyard to no avail. As I began to panic, I heard giggling coming from McKenzie’s bedroom. I raced in and noticed the contents of her closet scattered across the floor. I slowly approached to investigate and found McKenzie hidden inside! We laughed for hours!!!

However, there are times when McKenzie’s spark is doused. She was diagnosed with severe epilepsy at the age of four and has experienced numerous grand mal seizures since. Upon having one, McKenzie looks as though she has returned from the dead. A terrible transformation occurs--lips the color of Barney the dinosaur, glazed over and bloodshot eyes, and skin as transparent as an ice cube. McKenzie’s zest and spunk are stripped away, replaced by exhaustion and agony. During each occurrence, I come close to a nervous breakdown. I force myself to stay strong and be the rock that she craves.

McKenzie was also diagnosed with autism at 18 months old. Though it broke our hearts, it did not change the way our mother and I looked at her. She was and always will be our baby. Come hell or high water, we will ensure she receives the services she needs and the affection she deserves. I have witnessed her growth and development, cheered her on at school plays, and read her bedtime stories for more than a decade. Today, our bond is stronger than that of two sisters, and it becomes stronger each day.

McKenzie is my one and only. No other is like my hysterical, blonde bombshell. Even on her most dreadful days, I will stand by her side. Although my life has changed drastically since she became part mine, I would not change a single thing.

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