My House Is Bigger Than Yours
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My House Is Bigger Than Yours


Your 7 a.m. alarm is ringing. Hit the snooze button at least three times before working up the effort to actually roll out of bed. First thing on the brain is COFFEE… well, and maybe that pop quiz you are about to fail. You get up and get ready, and it’s time to head to the sorority house for breakfast and coffee. That 7:30 a.m. walk to the sorority house is miserable. You know what makes those walks even worse? The sound of steel being grinded, sanding of wood, scraping of brick, and any noise dealing with construction. These days, those sounds are a guarantee on sorority row. Reconstruction and the building of monstrous sorority houses has been going on for about a year and a half, and we still aren’t used to it! Things have changed so much (and fast) that you may even get a little lost around sorority row. Within the past year and a half sorority row has drastically changed. Sororities have temporarily moved into other old homes, new houses are being built, and old houses are being renovated. Currently, Alpha Chi Omega and Chi Omega are living in old sorority houses while their houses are being renovated and built. Other sororities that have plans/or are in process of being built are Alpha Phi, Kappa Delta, and Gamma Phi Beta. Sorority row is busy… to say the least. So exactly how is everyone adjusting to the changes?
From personal experience I am actually really enjoying being in the old Alpha Gamma Delta house. Being in such close quarters makes all of us be together... literally. It’s neat. Everyone is in the same room, and we are forced to be social. You cannot hide anywhere in this house. Morgan Chandler is also one making the most out of being in a temporary house while the Alpha Chi Omega house is being built.
“Being in a temporary house is not ideal, but with any situation we adjust and acclimate ourselves to it. The house is really nice and serves its purpose so we have nothing to complain about,” says Chandler.
While part of sorority row is eagerly awaiting their new sorority houses, some of them have adjusted and are loving life right now.
“You cannot beat living in the sorority houses! I have loved living in the Alpha Gamma Delta house!! Our alumni thought of everything and gave us such a beautiful home. Rolling out of bed and right into class isn’t bad either. Everything is so close,” says Kathryn Bisignani.
Sorority life is the high life. One problem sorority girls are running into is telling the food delivery guys where to go. Countless times I have seen friends order late night pizza while they are studying, and the delivery guy goes to the old Chi O house instead of our temporary house.
Boys, if you ever want to be amused, walk down sorority row on a Wednesday night around 1 a.m. You will see girls standing outside the houses in their pajamas trying to explain to the delivery guys where in the world they are. It’s a sight to see. GO, LEARN YOUR TEMPORARY ADDRESSES!!! Such a struggle! 

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