"My Honest Poem"

Hello, my name is Jazlyn Rust and this is my take on an honest poem.

My name is Jazlyn, I'm 5'7

I hate dark places and the feeling of being left alone

But I love the smell of coffee even if it makes my taste sense leave the building of my mouth

I adore men with beards and hate long hair

I am a sucker for flowers and long car rides,

Maybe that is because I love things that only last a few moments.

I get nervous when I can't see everyone in the room and yet I don't want to be the center

I have a room where I hide my fears,

And a book where my feelings sleep for the night

I fear that one day you'll see that I am not perfect

But on that day, I will hide because I can't tell you the truth,

Because you'll run faster than the train inside my chest.

Hi, I'm jazz, I love ice cream and music and remembering that I have time to breathe

But I don't cry when I need to

Tears are weakness in the eyes of my mind

I can't let you see me because if you were to see behind my eyes you'd fear me more than I fear myself

So don't love me because I can't love you

I can't be yours but I will lie and say I love you

It isn't that it is a lie, just a falsehood for the moment because I don't know what love is

But I do know this.... God hears me

I am still his little girl, even when the world is gone,

Even when I am gone.

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