High School is Far Worse Than You Could Ever Imagine
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My High School Operates Like A Cult

The power of deception can be wielded by anyone.

My High School Operates Like A Cult

The reality of what occurs in the schooling system is far different from what the general public believes it to be. Most parents are oblivious to the deceptive nature of their children's school and teachers. But kids and teenagers try to warn their family what school can truly be. No adult wants to image that in their head, but it's naive to not see the truth for what it is when adults were teenagers once. They endured the same kind of cruelty that is being overlooked today.

There's a misconception that students hate school because it's boring or that they're assigned work. I can say from personally experience, students do complain about those aspects of the school, but ultimately it's wrong. Students feel like they deserve teachers who actually aspire to teach and go beyond the curricular. They want their voices to be heard and to feel respected no matter the age difference between the teacher and student.

This is my final year in high school and I decided before the new school year even starts, I need to expose the school education system for what it is. Life inside of the walls of high school was comparable to being in a dictatorship cult. For many years, it ruined my physical and mental health to the brink of insanity and death. I will admit my peers contributed a good portion to the problems I had, but the school as a whole can't be pardoned. I went to school every day just to look teachers in the eye who I knew only stayed because of a contract or the money it paid. It wasn't a secret; teachers didn't teach because that was their passion, we only had one or two of those.

Self-entitled teachers would harass students. I felt uncomfortable around many of them because of how they acted. Some teachers would even blatantly lie to get students reprimanded for some fictitious tale. Our principals were no better. His ego was the size of Earth and it didn't matter if he decided to hear you out. "Teachers are always right, students are always wrong." I was appalled to hear such words come out of his mouth. Just because a person has a title doesn't mean they get a pass or will always be in the right. It's a big problem going on today in America and it was shocking to know that mentality was now in my school.

It wasn't just about how the teachers acted, it's how they didn't act. During school, I was bullied. Many times right in front of a teacher. It's humiliating when you expect a teacher to come to save you, but instead, they bat their eyes and look straight through you. Luckily those years I was able to defend myself because the authorities absolutely didn't. And that's not even the worse part to me. I could care less if a teacher stopped someone from picking on me, but it absolutely shattered me when they acted like I was invisible. It was enough to be an outcast and ignored by my classmates, but it was worse coming from a teacher.

It's not something you expect. You imagine a teacher will pay attention and know every person in their small classroom, but not at my school. Teachers would forget to give me a paper, a book, they'd forget me in the class activities, they would look past me as if I didn't exist. A school is a place where we learn and are educated, but it doesn't mean other things occur during that time.

They even dictate who deserves special privileges and opportunities. The same group of students that have an outside-of-school relationship (church) with the staff and teachers automatically is treated like kings and queens. Even if other people deserve it, only these people get what they want. The teachers dictate how a student will be treated based off of bias which in some cases thwart an individual from growing. There's no diversity of the staff or in the choices they make. They force students to take undesired or unneeded classes and there's nothing you can do about it.

They often gossip about the students in the hallways or after school in their teacher meetings. The only way around all the mess is to act like a teacher's pet and kneel down before the creators. Many of the staff are instigators and do exactly what they want to do whether or not it's ethical.

Our school received two out of ten stars for college readiness. It's not even ranked on any professional websites, so you wonder if the entire school is just a sham. The only good thing I could say about my school is that it breeds a warrior. I was insecure, unconfident, shy, but going through that fire remolded me into the person I always wanted to be. And none of that is due to our terrible school, it due to myself. The school system and parents need to understand that some schools are corrupt. Students in those types of schools are destined to fail because of the lack of initiative and experience of the staff and teachers.

Choose carefully in schools because from what I do know, is you might just run into a cult.

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