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20 Things You and Your BFF Do When One Of You Is Talking To A Boy

Liking someone is still as giddy and annoying as middle school – totally obsessed!

20 Things You and Your BFF Do When One Of You Is Talking To A Boy

My friend and I spent HOURS obsessing over every little thing a boy was sending back the other day trying to decipher and decide what he meant so we could determine his intentions. I seriously felt like I was in middle school again. We were both giddy and stressing out over a simple conversation. LOL, but totally relatable, I feel.

1. Spend hours discussing possible ways to initiate conversation.

Do I say: "Hey!!"?

Or should I say: "Hey"

Do the exclamation points make me sound too excited or desperate? But does not using them make me seem disinterested or boring?

2. Hype your friend up so she hits send on that first message.

"Just do it– rip the bandaid off!"

"Ok, I did it!"

"Omg yay he HAS to respond!"

3. Freak until he answers.

"Are his reads on?? Has he read it yet?"

4. Start trash talking him in case he doesn't respond.

"Ugh maybe he is just like this with everyone– taking forever to respond!"

"He sucks at looking at his phone– he is never on it!"

"You need a guy that knows how to respond!"

5. Quickly switch back to hyping him up when he does respond.

"Omg he responded!!!"

"Yes I knew he wasn't the kind of guy to leave you on read– what a keeper!"

6. *waits at least five minutes to respond* and during this time you and your friend debate on perfect responses to send once again.

"He said 'what's up?' I shouldn't say watching Netflix... I need him to think I'm studious... do I say I'm at the library?"

"Ok, so he obviously responded when I used an exclamation point, so can I use an emoji now?"

7. Take turns stalking his social media.

"His insta isn't up to date.. he looks better in person, I promise!"

"He retweeted a pic of a football game, so he's into football!"

"I totally am into football too!"

8. Take turns stalking his exes.

"Who is she?"

"Does she go to school here?"

"Omg she's a blonde– I'm brunette– is he more into blondes??"

"Oh no– another ex was a brunette– I'm good!"

"Two exes????"

9. "When is his birthday?" *Checks for his astrological sign*

10. *Studies his astrology sign to better understand him*

"Omg he is an Aries... that makes total sense!"

12. You guys then check your astrological sign with his to see the compatibility.

"Omg we are the most compatible together!"

"Oh no... it says we wouldn't make a good couple... but who cares, this stuff isn't even real!"

13. You'll come up with multiple theories and explanations for the attitude of his responses.

He said: "Yep"

"Should I leave him on read? It's good to leave them wondering... but what if he wants me to start a new conversation and I miss out on it?"

14. Together you guys brainstorm ideas for hours on how to casually drop hints that you want to go out.

"Should I say that I like margs? I know he does... and maybe that means we can get margs together?"

"Should I mention I am going out on Friday, and maybe he is too, and then mention we should meet out?"

15. You'll have your bff analyze his behaviors towards you and then have her give you her opinion.

"He totally grabbed your hand for a sec while you guys were out– he's soooo into you!"

16. You guys turn the red flags into "flaws"

"He can have an attitude and doesn't always filter what he says.."

"Maybe he just needs someone to put him in his place or call him out?"


"If it becomes a habit then it is unhealthy, but until then, see if he'll get better!"

17. She'll listen to you obsess over what your relationship would be like. 

"We are both super chill so our relationship will be too."

"We'll spend our nights doing homework and then watch Game of Thrones before bed."

"We could have coffee dates before we go to classes every Wednesday!"

18. You both will start talking through possible fights.

"I mean, I know he doesn't like it when I do _______, but we could compromise on _________"

"He likes to fight, and I like to fight, so I bet we will fight a lot, but it'll keep things interesting."

19. You guys will discuss what your sex life will be like.

"I bet he's good in bed, he's good at dancing!"

"We have chemistry whenever we are out, so we have to have it in bed too?"

20. You'll plan out what your future will be like.

"He graduates next year, and so do I, so we could go anywhere."

"His last name is ______, that sounds so good with my first name!"

"I wonder if he wants a big wedding?"

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