Look around, every day you see people with tattoos. What do they mean to them? Why did they get them? Did it change them? March 28th, 2018 was a day that changed my life, the day I got my first tattoo. Something so simple as a tattoo really made a big impact on my life. I went to get my tattoo all by myself, by choice. I couldn’t be more excited about the experience and how it impacted my life.

Go get a tattoo alone! Do something you’ve always wanted to do alone! Here are some things I learned from this experience.

Be Spontaneous

Do things just because in life! If you really want to wear that printed shirt and stripped pants do it! Be spontaneous! Don’t become the person that everyone knows what you're going to do next! Be the person everyone wonders what’s coming next from you! I didn’t tell very many people I was going to get a tattoo, and the ones that did know didn’t know when! Live life on the edge, I live in constant spontaneity, and I love my life! My tattoo was a reminder of I need to always live the way I love to!

Do things alone

I'll be honest, going to a tattoo shop alone was nerve-racking. I wasn’t sure how the process worked or what I was getting myself into, but I took the leap by myself. Doing this by myself opened my eyes up to all the things I can do alone. I don’t need to do everything with someone. Sometimes it the most peaceful to just do things alone! After I got my tattoo alone I felt free. I no longer felt the need to always go places with people. Think about how much larger the world becomes when you don’t have to work with others time and interests!

Go against the grain

I got a lot of input from people as I talked about my tattoo. I was told the spot I picked wasn’t a good spot, I was told why would I even need a tattoo. Everyone had their own voice that made me question my choice. I’ve never been one to follow what everyone said, so once again I went against the grain and I couldn’t be happier! Sometimes in life, you have to take the path less traveled to figure out that, that path is really the best!

Love your body

It’s your body and you should love it. My tattoo made me fall even more in love with myself. Do things for your body that makes you fall in love with it. You should love your body before you expect anyone else to love it. We don’t have to diet or be super thin to love our bodies, we can get tattoos, piercings or simply accept your body for what it is.

Do things for myself

I wanted a tattoo and I did it for myself. I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I wanted the tattoo and I did it for me. Doing things for yourself makes you feel so good. It’s the sense of independence that you feel after you do something for yourself. Everything you do in life should be for yourself because no one else lives your life, so don’t do anything someone else wants you to do.

Do things for the first time

Take chances in life. Everything you do in life, you did for the first time at one point. Doing something new is a good feeling when it's accomplished. Think about it we all went to school for the first time one day, we all went out on our first date at one point. All the firsts in our lives are scary but someday they become normal and the excitement you get from the activity fades. Keep finding new things to try and adventure! Life is full of experiences, but you just have to take advantage of the opportunities when they come your way!

Things aren’t as bad as they seem

We tend to make things seem harder than they really are. Going into getting a tattoo I thought it was going to be miserable. I had no idea at how easy it would actually be. If I didn’t take the chance, I would have never known how easy it truly is. We, as humans, tend to make things seem harder than they really are. This tends to make us not want to do things but in the end…. Things are never as hard as they seem. Things get easier with time, and sometimes things you thought were going to be super hard are actually super simple.
My tattoo needs no explanation

I got my tattoo because it means a lot to me. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think so or not. My tattoo is an extension of myself. It represents the places I call home. Indiana and my family business of selling flowers. These things mean a lot to me, and while you may think its stupid it means the world to me. I learned from getting this tattoo I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you can just leave it. Don’t waste your time explaining yourself to anyone!

Getting my tattoo was something I did for myself! Little did I know something new on my body would mean so much to me! Go get a tattoo, go do something you’ve always wanted to do. Do it today, be spontaneous, do it by yourself! You’d be amazed at home much something you do can change your life and your perspective!