My Favorite Stories With My Gramps
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My Favorite Stories With My Gramps

These stories will without a doubt make you chuckle.

My Favorite Stories With My Gramps

My grandpa is turning 80 today, so happy birthday to him!! To celebrate, I wanted to share some of my favorite stories with my grandpa. There is many, so I will only pick a select few. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the laughs!

1.) My sister, grandma and grandpa and I were in Gettysburg for the night in the summer of 2009. We had been driving for the whole day, and by the time we arrived to Gettysburg, it was about ten at night. We tried to find a good restaurant to grab food, and we thought we found the winner right by our hotel (that I am convinced was haunted by the way). We walked into the restaurant, and music was thumping, almost making the whole building shake. We asked if there was any table that would be more quiet, and the hostess took us to the booth, but it was not much quieter over there. We were all sitting at the table, then this rap song came on. My grandpa all of the sudden exclaimed, "This song makes me want to get up and grab my crotch!" At that moment, it was all over. We all were laughing so hard we cried. That is definitely a moment that I will never forget!

2.) When my brother, sister and I were little, my grandparents always took us on trips in the good ol' minivan. One year, we were heading down to Texas to visit my aunt Julie, Uncle Pete and cousin Sabina. We had been in the car for a long duration of time since we drove down there, and my brother, sister and I started becoming irritated with each other. We started arguing, and this continued for a while. My grandpa never said too much about it until one moment he had had enough. Us kids were being our annoying selves when all of a sudden my grandpa laid on the horn for what seemed like a minute. We all stopped talking and just stared with wide eyes looking surprised. We thought that our grandpa was trying to start some road rage, but turns out he was just trying to get us to shut up. Boy did it work!!

3.) When I was really little, my grandpa would play this game with me where he would be a horse, and I got to pick the color he was and what his name was. Then he would get on all fours, and I would sit on his back and he would walk around the house with me. He always made the best horse sounds, he still does! Those moments are some of my favorite from my early childhood.

4.) Once again during my early childhood, my grandpa did "criss cross applesauce". One person sits in front of the other person, and then the person in the back says a little chime that goes like this, "cris cross apple sauce, spiders crawling up your back! Cool breeze, tight squeeze, now you've got the shiverees!" While saying this, the person makes movements on the other's back to go along with the chime. I remember being so excited when I finally learned how to do it that I wanted to all the time!

5.) Whenever one of us kids turned four years old, it was tradition that my grandparents took us to Disney World. On a side note, sometimes my grandpa would say that certain tasks were a piece of cake, and I began to pick up on this. So, when I was four, we kept the tradition alive of going to Disney.While there, I went on my first roller coaster, Space Mountain! I remember feeling scared, but my grandpa and mom were in the same car as me, and they kept me reassured. After the ride was over, my grandpa asked how it was, and I was so excited and exclaimed, "That was a piece of cake!" Also during the trip, I got "pooped out" a lot as my grandpa would say, and my mom and grandpa would take turns carrying me while I was sleeping. I still have vague but great memories from that trip, and what I remember was so much fun!

There was a glimpse of some stories from my gramps, I hope you enjoyed this piece! Again, happy 80th birthday gramps! I love you!

All my love,

Your granddaughter Kamille

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