My Favorite Places in Westchester, a Year Later
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My Favorite Places in Westchester, a Year Later

A little over a year ago, I wrote a piece on my favorite places in Westchester, speaking as someone who has lived in Westchester their entire life.

Julia Caccavale

A year and pandemic later, I wanted to write an updated piece on my favorite places in Westchester. (These are in no particular order, I love them all dearly!)

1. Club Pilates in Quaker Ridge (New Rochelle), Ardsley and Scarsdale

I've been working at Club Pilates since September, primarily at the Quaker Ridge location in New Rochelle. I also sometimes work in Ardsley and Scarsdale. The reason I can work at all three is that the owner Heather owns all three locations so they are affiliated, which makes our community even bigger and better. With working at Club Pilates, I get to take classes for free and I've recently hit 60 classes.

Even though I work there, I can genuinely say that I absolutely love Club Pilates. I love the people, the classes, the instructors.

Club Pilates is an amazing place and if you're comfortable with working out, I definitely recommend giving it a shot!

2. Growlers in Tuckahoe

Growlers Beer Bistro is a recently renovated and re-branded restaurant in Tuckahoe that has endless food and drink options. I recently wrote a piece on them specifically and you should definitely check it out!

3. Rye, Playland

File:Playland Gondola Wheel.jpg - Wikimedia

While getting in my quarantine walks, Playland definitely became the go to place. My family loved going to the beach and boardwalk area, especially with my dog even for just an hour to get out of the house and get some fresh air in a safe way.

4. Slave to the Grind Coffee Shop in Bronxville

One of my all time favorite coffee shops has always been Slave to the Grind. They are amazing and I love supporting small. During the pandemic, I loved going there as a little exploration just to get out of the house for a bit.

5. B&N in Eastchester

Not only is the B&N in Eastchester an amazing place to get work done and or find some new books, it is also a restaurant! It's the only B&N restaurant location on the East coast as of yet. They have really awesome food that is locally sourced and you definitely need to check it out.

6. SoBol in New Rochelle

SoBol is a newfound love of mine. I LOVE their sunshine bowl. It's so refreshing and their kids size is the perfect snack size!

7. F45 Training in Scarsdale

F45 is another newfound love of mine. They are an amazing gym/fitness center with awesome kick a** workouts and an even more awesome and kick a** team! Their pricing is so affordable and 100% worth it, in my opinion. I've been taking classes there since November and absolutely love it!

8. Waffle Cafe in New Rochelle

The Waffle Cafe is an amazing hole in the wall kind of shop that serves the most incredible waffles. When you walk in the doors, you feel like you're at a very popular brunch spot in NYC. Their nutella latte is by far my favorite item on the menu.

9. Leatherstocking Trail in Mamaroneck

I recently visited the Leatherstocking trail in Mamaroneck / New Rochelle and loved how small and relaxing it was. It's definitely more of a walk than a hike, but it's a great activity for friends and family. Definitely a must visit!

10. Cross County Shopping Center in Yonkers

One of my favorite shopping centers as a kid was definitely Cross County in Yonkers. As I got older, the shopping center went a bit downhill, but in the last few years they've definitely worked on improving it. I really like the improvements they've made recently and it feels a lot safer to go there now, which is definitely a good feeling to have.

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