My Favorite Old Disney Songs

Disney used to be the best channel ever. They aired shows and played movies that starred your favorite celebrities, taught lessons, and made you laugh. They also had some catchy songs. I have compiled a list of my favorite "Old Disney" songs, because why not?

Austin and Ally

1. Can't Do It Without You

2. Not A Love Song

3. Steal Your Heart

Camp Rock

4. Gotta Find You

5. Hasta La Vista

6. This Is Me

Camp Rock 2

7. Can't Back Down

8. Wouldn't Change A Thing

Hannah Montana

9. He Could Be The One

10. I Got Nerve

11. I Wanna Know You

12. One In A Million

Hannah Montana Forever

13. I'll Always Remember You

14. Ordinary Girl

15. Wherever I Go

Hannah Montana: The Movie

16. Don't Walk Away

17. The Climb

High School Musical

18. We're All In This Together

High School Musical 3

19. I Just Wanna Be With You

Lemonade Mouth

20. Breakthrough

21. Determinate

22. More Than A Band

23. She's So Gone

24. Somebody

25. Turn Up The Music


26. Hero

27. What You Mean To Me

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

28. What Dreams Are Made Of

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