The worst thing about having Netflix is never knowing what to watch next once you’re finally done with the current show or movie that you’re watching. Here are a few of my favorites on Netflix to help you narrow down the search!

1. "The Office"

This show is my absolute favorite of all time. If you haven’t seen it already and enjoy dry humor and romance stories, this is the show for you. Starring Steve Carrell, this show is about a mid-size paper company in Scranton, PA and all the people that work there. You will fall in love with each character and you won’t want the show to end. 5 stars for this one.

2. "Parks and Recreation"

This show is absolutely hilarious. Starring Amy Poehler, this comedy is about a woman and her insane staff of coworkers who work in the Parks Department of Pawnee, Illinois. Through some pretty wild adventures, these coworkers become great friends. This show gives you non-stop laughs and is great for lifting you up when you feel a little down. 5 stars.

3. "Lie to Me"

THIS SHOW IS AMAZING. Starring Tim Roth and his wonderful British accent, this crime show features a man who has made quite a living off of becoming a deception expert. It has 3 full seasons available on Netflix and I’m very upset they stopped taping the show. 4 stars for this one.

4. "Zoo"

If you’re looking for a show that has non-stop twists and turns with lots of suspense, this is the show for you. Starring James Wolk and Nonso Anozie, this thriller is about two African safari tour guides who live in Botswana and discover something almost unreal. The animals are taking over, and there’s no way to stop them. 5 stars for this one too.

5. "Gossip Girl"

Don’t judge me, okay? Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure and it will be yours too if you watch it long enough. My older sister first got me hooked onto it when she said the show is actually based on a book series and that all of the characters from the show were exactly how she imagined they would be if brought to life. Starring Blake Lively, this show is about a group of wealthy teenagers from the Upper East Side of Manhattan who are going through life, causing as much drama as humanly possible. 4 stars for this one.

I hope this list helps you narrow down your next choice for a show to binge watch!

Love, Chantay