My Favorite "Business Decisions"
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My Favorite "Business Decisions"

Sometimes, it's really not worth it.

My Favorite "Business Decisions"

NFL Hall of Famer Deion "Prime Time" Sanders is known as one of the greatest cover corners of all time. As an athlete, few football players have ever rivaled him. He could do literally anything on the field that he wanted.

Except tackle.

I know what you're thinking. "How can you play defense and not tackle?" That tells you how good a cover corner he was. He could get away with not tackling! There's one story from his career that's always stuck with me. When Sanders played for the Cowboys, one team ran the ball right at him. Deion made a less than stellar effort at making a tackle, and the play went for a big gain. The next day, his teammates mocked his poor effort during the team film session. Shrugging off the criticism, Sanders replied with a straight face, "I saw him coming and I had to make a business decision." In honor of Deion Sanders and his commitment to not tackling, here are my favorite sports-related "business decisions."

LeGarrette Blount's Touchdown Against LA

#31 in white, Maurice Alexander had every chance to attempt to bring down Patriots running back, LeGarrette Blount. Instead, he "loses" Blount before meekly diving at his ankles. In fairness, Blount is listed at 250 pounds. If he was running at me full speed, I'd probably pretend to lose him as well.

Matt Stafford's Block "Attempt"

Let me preface this by stating: Matthew Stafford(#9 in white) is my favorite NFL player. That being said, this isn't a great look for him. I completely understand why he would pull back in this situation instead of throwing a block. However, it's still a bit embarrassing to watch him start to get in a defender's way...only to back up at the first sign of contact.

LeBron's Baseline Dunk Against Toronto

On this play, Kyle Lowry(#7) is in perfect position to play help defense. One problem: LeBron James is 6'8" and 250 pounds(at least). Lowry is 6'0" and 205. As I duly noted in this list , only bad things happen when smaller guards try to stop LeBeon from attacking the rim.


See above explanation. Rinse. Repeat.

Goddammit, Donald!

No, I'm not talking about the President(Although there are many reasons to curse at the man). Then-Colts QB Peyton Manning took the snap, dropped back to pass, and almost immediately found an angry, 300-pound defensive lineman sprinting at him, ready to put him to sleep. Donald Brown, his running back, was supposed to help block on the left side. If you listen closely pre-snap, you can hear Manning yell "left!". Instead, Brown goes right to block. Instead of getting his head violently disconnected from his body by the aforementioned angry defensive lineman, Manning made a business decision. Can't blame him!

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