A Letter To My Church, Thank You For Helping Me Survive

It was freshman year and a friend of mine invited me to church. I had been to church before but it was a college church and I didn't grow up in a church setting so I was nervous. The first night I went was emotional for me, I cried and met the pastor. His name was Jon and we talked about why I was emotional and he prayed for me. I went home confused, confused about what I was doing and if this was part of my journey. This was also the time in my life when depression and anxiety started to overtake my life.

I continued to go each week, and for the first few times I always cried because I felt a presence that was unfamiliar but comforting, I was finally home. I went on a church retreat and spent time absorbing all this information and these feelings I was having. I decided that having a relationship with Jesus was important. My pastor and I talked almost every week because I had a hard time comprehending how this, and it was a way to talk through my problems.

For most of my freshman year I felt like a burden, I felt hopeless, a waste of space and so much more. There were even times that I thought I wasn't worth it, that no one would care if I left. But I was wrong.

Not only did God show me the love he felt for me, but he made me see that the people around me truly cared for me.

That life is completely worth living. We all know that it's an ongoing battle. I'm not completely better, but it's going to take work.

Several people in my church helped me, some taught me how to pray (as silly as that sounds), some taught me how to love, some taught me how to breathe, some taught me to have fun, and some taught me how to survive. But my pastor. He saved my life. At the point in my life when I thought there was no way out, he turned me to God.

There's no way I could've survived without The Inn. I love you all.

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