My Childhood in Seasons
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I remember winning snowball fights against my brother was the most important task of the day.

I remember sliding down the snowy hills of our backyard until we had seen the dried-out fall grass.

I remember picking off the marshmallows on top of the hot chocolate because I was too impatient to wait and drink the scorching beverage.

I remember praying for there to be no school the next day because of the "icy dangerous roads in my neighborhood."

I remember getting cheerless when the roads were actually too dangerous for my parents to drive to my friend's house.

I remember falling backwards and letting the soft snow catch my bundled self.

I remember making snow angels with my mom because more snow had fallen over night.

I remember coming inside frozen to the core, unable to barely move.

I remember the painful feeling of first washing your hands under warm water when they were numb.

I remember sliding my hands back and forth until the friction created some sort of heat between my fingers, well at the time I didn't really understand the concept of friction and was just mimicking those around me.

I remember curling up on the family room couch next to the monstrous Christmas tree, until my heavy eyelids forced my somber.

I remember waking up to a slight crackle of the fire from the fireplace.

I remember getting up and walking towards the fireplace to see how close my hand could get to the glass until it was too hot.

I remember the feeling of a warm showering being second to none.

I remember my mom telling me to deal with all of the soggy apparel I had left in my room, from my socks to me beanie, that had been caked in melting snow.

I remember asking my friends if they had gone outside and seen the snow and built snow men.

I remember meeting my dad at his car to help him bring groceries inside.

I remember throwing a snowball at him and giggling because there was nothing he could do, due to the fact he had groceries in both of his hands.

I remember hoping for there to be more snowfall during the night.

I remember wondering how Santa's reindeer would deal with snowfall in the sky.

I remember sitting next to my mom on the couch in the TV room and watching every Christmas movie ever made.

I remember wanting to try spaghetti and syrup like Elf did.

I remember eating warm food warmed my whole soul.

I remember not being able to understand why ice cream was still being sold and how people could still bear the cold feeling on their tongues.

I remember running outside to quickly grab the newspaper and the mail but having inadequate number of layers on.

I remember waking up and knocking on my neighbors' houses to ask if their kids could play.

I remember the impending boredom that would arise after days of no school and no friends.

I remember the snow beginning to melt and the sudden disappearance of my once tall snowman.

I remember the black ice sprawled on the sidewalk that my dad would always warn me of, but I would never really pay attention.

I remember being able to see the tops of houses and the greenery from the trees.

I remember coming back to school annoyed yet rejoiced at the fact that I could see and talk to my friends.

I remember the sudden arrival of spring.

I remember the gentle hum of the bright bumblebees that would send me running.

I remember the bright red calluses that would hurt so bad but not enough to stop me from swinging on the old monkey bars.

I remember my mom calling from the backyard asking me to help her unweed the garden patch, one of my least favorite tasks.

I remember jumping on the trampoline until my legs had gone numb and the sun had left the sky.

I remember the pungent smell of magnolia flowers that flooded my backyard.

I remember my mom giving me a large glass of lemonade after a long day of playing outside.

I remember loving swings but being afraid of heights, something that never really made much sense to me.

I remember the color of flowers painted across the trees in my neighborhood.

I remember the musty stench of sweat that hit you like a wall of bricks as you walked into the classroom after recess.

I remember my face becoming red, but this time from the beating rays of the sun and not the red caused from the numbness of winter ice.

I remember gardening in the school garden.

I remember running around playing freeze tag and waiting so long to become "unfrozen" that I forgot we were even playing a game.

I remember having this young after schoolteacher who seemed like she had her whole life together and wondering when I would be like that.

I remember my mom trying to get us to help her with her yearly spring cleaning, and me still wondering if there will be any bees flying around.

I remember the sharp pain caused by the scooter hitting my ankle.

I remember getting way too excited that summer would be the next season.

I remember the feeling of feeling that spring was always the season that went by the fastest out of all of them.

I remember thinking that a spring roll, although a food, embodied the season of spring as a whole quite well.

I remember hating when my mom put fruit in my salad, I was never really a sweet and savory type of person.

I remember the fresh scent of spring, not always related to the scent of the flowers blooming, but just cleanliness.

I remember having frizzy, knotty hair when I came home from school, which was probably caused by the number of freeze tag games we would play.

I remember goldfish were always the snack of choice during after school and me always thinking that they tasted like shaped cardboard.

I remember trading off between the jump roper holder and the person who was jumping.

I remember going to my friends Christmas tree farm during the dead heat of spring and seeing all the newly planted Christmas tree buds.

I remember being unable to wait for the arrival of summer.

I remember telling people that summer was my favorite time of the year and that it had nothing to do with the fact that my birthday was in the summer, although looking back at it I am 100% positive that is why I liked summer so much.

I remember waiting to graduate whether it be from the fourth grade or the seventh, not because I genuinely like graduating but more because that meant summer break had arrived.

I remember loving the blistering heat of the powerful summer rays.

I remember waiting for my birthday and hoping my friends could all come to my birthday party.

I remember my birthday party always being at my community pool and never really getting more creative than that.

I remember one particular birthday cake in general, the Madagascar movie themed cake with Alex the lion front and center.

I remember having water balloon fights and realizing how difficult they were to fill with the hose.

I remember trying to fill water inside of a normal balloon and becoming disappointed when it didn't work and having my mom rush to the store to get some actual water balloons before my friends came over.

I remember drinking even more cold lemonade than I did during the spring.

I remember having a strong preference for crushed ice and always filling my cup with ice different from others.

I remember taking a bite of a piece of lemon because my brother had dared me to do it.

I remember hula hooping in doors and always being an inch away from hitting the wall.

I remember riding my scooter from the top of the sloped road, thrashing my knee, seeing the bright red blood gushing out, and it not hurting as much as I expected it to, because of all of my adrenaline.

I remember how the temperature difference felt from walking from the hot outdoors to the AC-ed inside.

I remember always seeing this bunny during the summer season and naming it summer, because I guess that was the best name I could think of.

I remember chugging water as I ran indoors from playing outside.

I remember foursquare bringing out the competitive side in me.

I remember drawing on the road with chalk until the chalk ran out, and all we had left was the end pieces that would hurt if we used them.

I remember blowing on dandelions until each and every one of its buds left the stem.

I remember how angry I got when my brother put icing on my face during my birthday party.

I remember having no worries during the summer.

I remember going to the beach and becoming madly invested in the sandcastle that I was building that would inevitably become destroyed by the sea, because I had built it way too close to the shoreline.

I remember becoming confused at the amount of sand that had followed me home even though I had rinsed off.

I remember the sun tiring me out, causing exhaustion, and making me feel as if I had worked a 9 to 5.

I remember being mesmerized by fireflies and wanted to glow like them.

I remember being nervous when I walked under trees outside, afraid that there were hidden spider webs that I couldn't see.

I remember never being able to convince myself to take cold showers even though it was extremely warm outside.

I remember toasting s'mores on the campfire in my backyard.

I remember the feeling of putting the mist setting on my hose and spraying it on my face.

I remember eating ice pops so quickly that my brain froze.

I remember the sweltering heat dying down.

I remember the arrival of fall.

I remember never really being a big fan of fall, it just reminded me of winter without the snow, how sad.

I remember the leaves falling from the big tree in front of my house all over my front yard.

I remember always getting a cold in the fall.

I remember not wanting school to start, that nervous feeling in my gut caused by the first day of classes.

I remember the powerful wind causing the trees to hush and sway.

I remember the subtle wilting of the leaves and the discoloration of the flowers.

I remember liking the smell of fall, it was always so calming.

I remember having to switch from wearing bright flip flops every day to sneakers.

I remember never checking the weather and becoming surprised every time it rained outside, which was quite often.

I remember the muddy playground that formed from the downpour of rain that occurred the night before.

I remember the amount of preparation it took to create a thanksgiving dinner enough for all of my close friends.

I remember doing thanksgiving much different than most people.

I remember becoming so full, none of us wanted to move.

I remember eating pumpkin pie every year without exception.

I remember smelling all of the fall themed candles at bath and body works or Yankee candle and never ever coming around to liking the vanilla one.

I remember the slow approach of Halloween; I was never honestly a big fan of being scared.

I remember a specific instance of dressing as Harley Quinn and believing no other costume I could ever make could top it.

I remember sprawling all my candy out on the floor of my friends' house.

I remember trading candy because we each had specific candy preferences.

I remember my mom hiding the candy and giving a couple during lunch over the next month.

I remember the school time between Halloween and Christmas felt like a lifetime.

I remember the slow decrease of temperature and the surprise on our faces when we realized it had finally become winter, as if it didn't happen every year.

I remember the arrival of winter, and the wishful thinking that snow could fall anyway.

I remember these four seasons so vividly.

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