Dear science majors,

Recently I saw a tweet that I kind of understood but mostly disagreed with. It was about two people sitting in the library near finals. One working on a research paper, and the other cutting out gingerbread men. One was a microbiology major, and the other was an elementary education major. The microbiology was basically pointing out how incredibly different the finals projects the majors were doing, and therefore downplaying the importance of the education major.

Originally, I was an animal science major, so I can understand that it is very frustrating when you're stuck with a 20-page research paper and someone else is doing an art project. However, I am now a child development major and I now understand that that art project also comes with a semester-long case study and a long paper as well. Even though some of you seemingly harder majors such as engineering and science may not know what goes on beyond the crayons and paper, you still shouldn't downplay another major.

First, no one made you pick the major you're in.

I'm sure you're a very intelligent person and you will make a wonderful engineer or doctor someday. However, not everyone is cut out for that. Some of us have different talents that you might not possess. Us elementary education and child majors have a special way with children. We can take play and arts and crafts and turn them into a learning or therapeutic experience.

Everyone chooses their major for a different reason, and it doesn't have to be yours.

Second, each major is just as important as the next one. Yes, I am glad that you're writing that very challenging research paper because you might be that doctor that I see one day or the engineer who designs the bridge I drive over. I hope school is challenging for you because you are going into a challenging career field.

However, who do you think teaches your children? Or comforts your children in the hospital? Or helps get them through a traumatic experience?

It's us. Those majors you made fun of.

And like I said, our major requires a lot more than the little arts and crafts projects that you might have seen in the library. We are preparing for a different type of challenge. One that requires preparing the next generation of children to become the next generation of adults. A job just as important as the one you'll be doing.

So even though you might not think our final projects are fair, don't downplay us. We are just as important, and more than meets the eye.


A child development major