I've been pretty silent about this story but now that it's been almost 5 months, I thought I feel the need to share this. Knowing that it is almost Thanksgiving, I am thankful for being alive and thankful for the support from friends and family over the past few months after my car accident.

It happened on June 28th, 2017. It was around 6:35 and I had just run into Wawa to grab dinner. My mom was flying out the next day to move my grandmother up to PA from Florida. Then it happened. I was involved in my first car accident. I still remember hearing the crunch of metal and looking up and seeing my airbag had gone off. I was never involved in an accident before and never experienced the airbag going off. That was scary. I had to climb into the back seat to get out of the car. I was pretty shaken up however to this day, I am thankful for being alive.

Yes, to this day, I still have flashbacks to my accident. Not as frequent and much less. I might have walked away with a few scrapes, but I actually have a herniated disc. Yes, I know I'm 21 and have a herniated disc, however, for me, this injury is a reminder. A reminder that even though I was involved in an accident, I am still alive. I never had a testimony for my faith and this is my new testimony. If the car was any closer to my driver's side door I would be much worse.

So on this week leading up to Thanksgiving, I am thankful for being alive and not being badly injured. I'm thankful for my friends and family and their support over the past months. I am thankful for my faith and how through this time, I have grown. On this week leading up to Thanksgiving, I encourage those to reach out and thank someone in their life.