8 Big Thank-Yous My Big Brother Deserves

To the guy that disregards my name on every to-go box, compliments me in the form of insults, and never shows mercy in the battle of "shotgun,"

Thank you.

Thank you for always sticking up for me. You never had to know the details of the situation or what I did; you instinctively defended me. Although you were usually the one tormenting me, you never let anybody else pick on me.

Thank you for the hand-me-down clothes. My closets may not be full of baseball t-shirts and old athletic shorts anymore but thank goodness over-sized t-shirts will always be in style.

Thank you for being my first friend. You know how to handle my mood swings and what causes them (usually hunger), my fears and goals in life, and most importantly how to make me laugh and always support me through difficult situations. You never had to give me paragraphs worth of advice, but I always knew your shoulder was there.

Thank you for allowing me to look at your friends as my other older brothers. The house was never quiet when you were home. If your friends weren't in the basement, then you were screaming with them on Xbox live. Now that you're about to graduate college, I miss the days when our home was filled with the terrible smell of boys and fast food.

Thank you for being patient with me. I know I stole the spotlight when I blessed the family with my presence twenty years ago, but you learned to put up with me anyways. We certainly did not get along at times, but no matter how hard we fought, we could never stay mad at each other because something funny would occur and we couldn't keep it to ourselves.

Thank you for the car rides in the morning on the way to school. Regardless if we sat in silence or sang Adele at seven in the morning, I loved every minute of sitting in your passenger seat. Although, I did not enjoy the times you made me sit in the backseat by myself while you rolled the windows down with the child lock on... in December...

Thank you for our secret language. We could be in a room full of people and be the only two laughing because we understand each other. Even though we may not talk every day anymore, we always try to send each other funny tweets or videos because we know one of us could use a laugh.

Thank you for making me your personal punching bag. I may not have enjoyed the years when you took up wrestling or when you learned the techniques of a defensive lineman and would de-cleat me whenever I walked in your way, but oddly you helped me. I had to fight my way out of a full nelson somehow because the words "Tap-out" are not in your vocabulary. It taught me how to defend myself and made me have thick skin.

I may have only been a part of some of your firsts, but I promise to be your biggest fan and celebrate with you for the rest. Before you walk across the stage, I want you to know not only how much I look up to you and how proud I am of you, but more importantly how thankful I am for you.

The most significant title I will ever receive in my life is being your annoying little sister. Even though we will always be in different stages of our life, you'll always be my go-to-guy, ultimate dance partner, and my big brother.

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