I Asked God For A Best Friend And Got A Mini Me Instead

I Asked God For A Best Friend And Got A Mini Me Instead

You may be 10 years younger than me but you get me on a spiritual level...

Ashley Denton

I remember being 10 and wanting nothing more than for a best friend who was just like me. Well, when you wish upon a star your dreams really do come true because that's exactly what I got. That's exactly when you came into my life. No, I didn't get a best friend who was the same age as me but I got something just a little better. I got my very own mini-me.

I remember meeting you when you came home from the hospital you were so tiny! I loved playing with you and changing your little outfits you were literally like a little baby doll and I loved it. So much! I can remember it all. The little two-year-old playing with her little kitchen making me "coffee and pizza" yes I was 12 when this was going on but your little spunk and personality had my attention captured.

Watching you grow up has honestly been so much fun and so far one of the most rewarding aspects of my life. Watching you from the time you were born to the little toddler wondering around to now… a young lady with mounds of personality and spunk and the sweetest and most intelligent little girl I have ever known. You are your own little person now, you're only eleven but have the maturity level of a 16-year-old. Seeing you on snapchat and Instagram has me shook, to say the least… like you are actually old enough for one?!? Where the heck is time going because I would like to follow it to get some back.

The one good thing about you growing up is that the older you get the more I can do with you! Shopping trips are a blast now, and yes your selfie game is on fleek. (we've had a lot of practice throughout the years) The fact that you get the importance of taking pictures of someone and hitting different angles is crucial honestly makes me so proud because what eleven years old does that? You continuously amaze me every day with how mature and responsible you are. I am so very blessed to be able to watch you grow up and every day I do it's just like looking in a mirror and watching my childhood play out in front of me.

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