My Adventures Traveling Alone
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My Adventures Traveling Alone

Traveling alone doesn't have to be scary, but it will almost always be interesting.

My Adventures Traveling Alone
Mckenzie Foust

For Fall Break, my plan was to fly to Pennsylvania to see my family. I did make it to Pennsylvania, but not without a little adventure. I tripped on my driveway before driving to the airport, walked to the wrong security gate, had my left side checked at security, and heard the loud conversation of Trump supporters. That was just the time I had before my first flight! This is the first time I have ever flown by myself. I've either flown with my dad or my friends. Navigating an airport by yourself can be scary at first but gets easier. Here's my adventure at the airports.


Scraped my leg trying to get to my car. That's not a bad omen. Right?

Airport 1- Piedmont Triad International Airport:

Walked to the wrong security gate. The security worker had to point out my mistake. I'm curious as to how much that happens.

My left side was felt up in the right security gate. I wonder what I could've hidden there.

The Trump supporters got louder to drown out Michelle Obama. If the Trumpeters get louder do the facts disappear?

American Airlines Flight 4927

Smallest plane I've ever been on. There was no Sky Mall. How will I ever know what I can't and won't buy?

The view was incredible, even though the view from the ground was like the town model in Beetlejuice.

Airport 2- Philadelphia International Airport:

Flight delayed. Stuck there for 3 1/2 hours. Not pleased.

Smashburger. Steak N' Shake + Red Robin + Red Robin prices = Smashburger. Smallest fries ever.

Lady: "Will you be here long?"
Me: "Yes."
Lady: "Can I use the bathroom?"
My Thoughts: I don't know, can you?
What I said: "Sure, I'll watch your MacBook for you!"

I am trusted to watch a MacBook. I have a trustworthy face?

Called my grandmother and talked to her about my flight. As this was happening, a guy was glaring at me for being on the phone while picking his nose!

Stem Cells on Flight 4848


American Airlines Flight 4848:

Still no Sky Mall. But WAIT! An empty seat beside me? YES!

Two minutes later: Snooty lady in seat. Snooty lady's dog under seat.

Flight attendant looks like what I picture to be Amy Schumer in 30 years.

Airport 3- Harrisburg International Airport:

Ran to my parent's car and hugged my brother. Best part of my trip.

Traveling alone doesn't have to be scary, but it will almost always be interesting.

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