My Adoption & Me

So often when people talk about adoption there is a negative undertone, like there is something wrong with being adopted or something to be sad about. However my adoption has always been a part of my life and something that my parents always made me feel comfortable with. I can never actually think of a time where I didn’t know I was adopted, I just always knew I was.

I believe that always knowing that I was adopted has been a being part in why I have always been so comfortable with it, it has just always been a part of who I am. However, just like anything in life there will always be people who see it differently than you do, probably just because they’ve never been in your shoes. So just to clarify a few things about how I feel about my adoption,

I am not mad at my birth mother.

If she didn’t make the decision she did to have me and put me up for adoption, I wouldn’t have my amazing family and friends and all of the incredible experiences I’ve had up to now. How could I possibly be anything but grateful to the woman who love and cared about me enough to want to give me the best life possible? Which she did.

My parents are and always will be the two incredible people who raised me.

While my birth mother might have brought me into this world, my parents have given me the world. There are and could never be enough words to describe how grateful I am that they are mine.

Adoption isn’t an insult.

So many times I have been around people who use “You’re Adopted” as an insult, and sadly they don’t realize how ridiculous they sound. People wait for years and years to adopt children and there are so many more people involved than just them. Everyone has choices today and birth mothers choose to have their babies. Adoption has nothing to do with being unwanted. Not only are you wanted by your adoptive parents, your birth mother wants you. Personally, I’ll never understand the “insult” behind adoption.

My Adoption is a Part of Who I am.

While I have been with my family since I was born, I have been fortunate enough to always know that I have been adopted and never made feel that this was something that I needed to hide or wasn’t important. I will always consider my adoption my biggest blessing because it has made me who I am, and it has given me the most important people in my life.

Being adopted has not only brought me my family, and friends but it has also given me an incredible bond with others who are also adopted. If there was one thing that I would want my birth mother to know it’s that I am so thankful to her for wanting me, and somehow finding the two other people in the world who wanted me more than anything. I wouldn’t change my life or how I came to my family for anything and I am so thankful for every experience, opportunity and person that my adoption has given me.

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