When it comes to out of school hobbies, they all seem to rely heavily on technology. For instance, I enjoy watching a lot of movies on my television as well as constantly checking my Facebook feed on my phone. However, there is one hobby in particular I have noticed I am very addicted to. That hobby is none other than all the activities that can be performed from a computer, which is what I write these articles on. I have often wondered in the past why I have been so engrained with this modern technology, but now I think I understand the reasons why I invest so much of my time into these activities.

One of the major reasons I am addicted to my computer is because of my background growing up. When I was much younger, I really did not have any friends that I would see outside of school. Additionally, I did not find sports to be an activity I wished to participate in, so the computer at my house was a great way to spend my free time. I distinctly remember the amount of joy and excitement I would have whenever I received a new computer game for Christmas or any other celebration. Some of these games were considered educational, but they were still enjoyable nonetheless. Although I made some closer friends to spend time with in my later teenage years, a lot of my early childhood fun was spent in front of that computer.

Additionally, I think my addiction to the computer stems from the sheer variety of acitivites and things that you can do on computer in this digital age. If I feel like recording a video for my youtube channel, I could do that and then use an editing program to put it together. I really enjoy editing in all the different and unique effects that come along with video making. I could also use the computer to listen to my large library of digital music, which is what I do when I am tired out or begin to crave hearing a particular artist or song. Not to mention the mega hub known as the internet, with millions of images articles and videos to be found and discovered. Essentially, the variety keeps my interest levels high and engaged throughout the time I spend.

Speaking of spent time, another reason I am addicted to using my computer is because I am used to it at this point. Due to the countless hours I have spent using the various functions of my technology, it has become very easy and familiar for me. For instance, I am a much faster typer than I am writing by hand. I am so used to the placement of the keys that it has become easier and more efficient for me to type my writing. Moreover, it could be compared to how people who have played a particular sport since high school or middle school stick with that sport for the rest of their lives. Due to knowing the rules of the games by heart, they know what to expect and become more invested and interested than they would trying something completely new. Therefore, my hobby involving technology is something I stick with it because it now comes easy to me and is fun as a result.

From my elementary school years to my college life now, I have been very connected with my computer and related technology that I spend a lot of my free time involved in. Whether it be the large variety of activities that continue to entertain me or my overall skills and familiarity with modern technology, it remains an addictive hobby that I will always go back to. For every single person there is a particular way they spend their free time, and for me it is using the various programs and features associated with the computer.