5 Must-see Netflix Documentaries

The Mask You Live In

Seriously, this documentary will get you thinking. It takes a look at the damaging effects of American hyper masculinity. Also, it challenges stereotypical representations of gender. If you're at all interested in the topics mentioned, this is worth watching.

Living on One Dollar

This documentary depicts two young men who travel to rural Guatemala to experience poverty firsthand. They limit themselves to just $56 dollars over a span of 56 days. However, there's a catch. The men's income fluctuates daily. Some days they are able to have an income of over $1 a day, but this means not having any funds on other days. Overall, this documentary is entirely eyeopening. It sheds light on the issue of third world poverty which is often avoided. If you're ready to reflect on the world and your place in it, this is the film to watch.


Warning: This film might bring you to actual tears. It covers the story of a gay couple who's time is cut short by a tragic accidental death. The living partner is then barred from attending his partner's funeral as a result of a complicated and prejudicial legal system. Watch it and don't forget to bring tissues.

Matt Shepard is a Friend of Mine

Just like Bridegroom, this film covers a tragic story affecting the LGBT community. In 1998, Matt Shepard was brutally beaten to death because of his sexuality. In 2009, the Matt Shepard Act was passed to prevent similar hate crimes from occurring. The documentary is amazing and worth a watch.

P.S. You'll need the tissues here too.

American Promise

Lastly, American Promise focuses on the ins and outs of the education system for young men of color. The film takes a look at this experience through two young men who both start out attending the prestigious Dalton school in New York. The documentary deals with race, class, and access to education in an incredibly raw manner. If you're interested education and how it specifically affects those of color, then you might just have to take a look at this documentary.

In all honesty, these documentaries will get you thinking. They cover heavy topics that are worth considering. You won't regret taking the time to watch them!

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