As a professional binge watcher, I can honestly say I am now a connoisseur of all things Netflix/Hulu. Need a funny movie to watch? I got one. Need a show that will make you cry but then the ending makes you smile from ear to ear? I have that too. Summer is a great 12-week block where you can spend your time becoming a master of television like me. I feel there are necessary shows that people need to watch in order to be a 'professional binge watcher'. Some may disagree with these choices, but you haven't knocked 'em till you watched 'em!

1. "One Tree Hill."

I have already written an article about how amazing that show is, and upon completing it at 2 am yesterday with tears in my eyes (even though I have watched it millions of times), it is a show for the books. It starts out as a tale of two estranged brothers with a meddling father, a cafe and some really kick-ass music, but over 9 seasons changed to much more than that. It is a classic show that really deserves the number 1 show to watch. It is only on Hulu though, but trust me, the membership is worth it!

2. "Grey's Anatomy."

Personally, I have never watched Grey's all the way through. However, I've watched enough episodes to know that this show is epic. If you love doctors, preferably HOT doctors, and blood and smart medical terms, this show is for you. I have friends that have watched it all the way through 3 times, and this show is almost 15 seasons long. CRAZY RIGHT?

3. "Gilmore Girls."

If you're looking for a show that will make your heart melt, and make you instantly fall in love with the small town of Stars Hollow, then this is the show for you. Fast-talking Lorelai and Rory make the show amazing, and the revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, is definitely worth the watch as well. I watched this over the beginning of my first fall semester of college and to this day I catch myself landing on a random channel it is played on, and reminiscing about the wholesome and emotional storylines the show created.

4. "Friday Night Lights."

If you have Hulu, a love for football, and the time to get invested in Dillion, Texas, look no further. I am a football fan, but seeing how much it means to this small town, how amazing Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton would be as your parents, and how HOT Tim Riggins is, this show is overall amazing. It even has a young Michael B. Jordan in the later seasons, and you can't pass up watching that.

5. "Riverdale."

If you haven't caught up and aren't looking for a series that is almost the same number of seasons as your age, then catch up on Riverdale. Season 2 just dropped on Netflix and trust me, you need to be a part of the Riverdale community. I had stopped watching when it was on actual TV, and then was hearing all I was missing out on. Luckily, I'm now all caught up and I can't even imagine why I stopped. It is full of crime and romance and insanely attractive high schoolers that are actually 25 years old. But trust me, you'll get hooked again just like I did.

6. "Parenthood."

I have no words to say other than this show is simply gold. It tells the story of 4 families within a larger family that is the Braverman's. This show will DEFINITELY make you cry, but also laugh and want to give your whole family the largest hug ever. It isn't super intense or filled with unbelievable drama, but it tells the story of family, and that is something everyone can for sure relate to. This show is always one I recommend to my friends that are looking for that hidden gem amongst the endless search on Netflix.

7. "The OC."

This is a show that deserved so many more seasons than it got. It was filled with teen romance and drama and lavish living on the beach. This show is so 2000's but is something that I had wanted to watch for so long. When it came on Hulu, I can honestly say it was life-changing. This show is a roller coaster of emotions you wanna try for yourself.

These are only 7 shows that I highly recommend, but if you've seen all these or none catch your eye, other good shows include:

Gossip Girl, Shameless, Stranger Things, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, The Mindy Project, Parks and Rec, and Blue Mountain State

Enjoy the endless amounts of TV ahead!