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Alright guys, time to get focused.  You’ve got a Lilly planner filled with all those determined resolutions and new class schedules and that gpa boosting Heaven sent A from your winter session class under your belt. You’re going to do great things this semester.  You’re going to get all As and not lose your Tory Burch clutch in the bathroom stall of the Levee. You’re going to be known as the girl in shambles no more.  You’re going to have your life put together. You’re going to be put together. 


But as much as we feel like super heroes at the beginning of a new semester, at the end of a long love affair with JD Williams, we’re really just all exhausted, messy-bun clad srat girls sponsored by Starbucks and Patagonia.


So yes, hit the books, but also take breaks! And no I don’t mean throwing your poly sci book at the wall and heading to flip cup when you have an 8am test wednesday.  Grab your rooms, turn off your phone and go to the theater (We have two to chose from now, you know. And the new one has couches and food delivery--yeah, you read that right.).  It’s like hitting the refresh button on your brain.  Plus, there are some must see movies out right now, like:   


New Theater


Ride Along.  Kevin Hart. That’s really all that needs to be said for you to know that this movie will more than likely make you choke on your popcorn while dying of laughter. Wait, Kevin Hart shooting a gun. Done. Comedy Central


The Wolf of Wall Street.  Ok. You have to see this. Be prepared though, it’s super long and you will feel like you’re on a surreal mind trip the entire time. Not as much as Spring Breakers, but there’s a similar vibe. Also it’s a bit like a virtual strip club, but with this new ordinance maybe Oxvegas should get used to that. Underneath all the nudity and drugs--and there is a lot--is a beautiful story that is tailor made for our generation. Plus it has (a lot of) Leo in it.  Although your vision of him flying with Rose might be shattered, you’ll surprisingly adore the sleazy Leo.  A must see, not first date material though. Not 2nd or 3rd either...


Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones.  Yes, another one. This is the fifth in the series. I myself, after hearing the infamous noise--you know, the one where it sounds like an evil demon thing runs into the wall and shakes the camera--in my house the other night, am too chicken to see it. But if you’ve seen all the rest and want that super paranoid feeling, you might as well keep up with the tradition and embrace the paranoia.  That heebie jeebie feelin               


Original Malco


August: Osage County.  This movie isn’t just for our moms, though granted, I did see half the women of my church there. I have to see any movie with Julia Roberts. And the role she play in this movie is a total boss. This movie has talent, wit, and plot twists. Seriously, I dare you to try to figure this one out. It shows a realistic dark side of family and human nature in general. Be warned, if you’re prone to morals and happy endings, bring tissues and readjust your expectations.  A reevaluating the meaning of life kind of movie   


American Hustle.  There’s a reason it got a Golden Globe.  A chubby batman, Bradley Cooper in hair rollers, and Jennifer Lawrence.  All of that coated in a Seventies vibe, what’s not to love?  Peace, love and Jennifer


Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.  This is the guilty pleasure that you secretly are dying to see, or the one your boyfriend drags you to because you lost a bet.  With all the cameos and the romance between Brick and Kristen Wiig, it lives up to the legend. So stupid it’s funny or so funny it’s stupid? You be the judge. Stay Classy O town

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