I have always been surrounded by music, even as a small child. I started taking piano lessons in second grade. A few years later, I joined the band in sixth grade. Fast forward a few more years and now I'm working as a music major and playing in the Emory Wind Ensemble. With each day, music seems more and more important in my life. Many times I find myself thinking back to my musical roots and my musical family. Growing up in a musical family is a blessing and a curse. But if you have grown up in a musical family here are 11 things you know to be true.

1. Your mom always makes sure you've practiced

Whether she makes you keep a practice journal or she sets a timer on the kitchen microwave (or both), she always makes sure you've sufficiently practiced before heading out to see friends. You know the consequences if you show up to your lesson unprepared...

2. People sometimes assume that your family regularly practices as a family band.

I don't know maybe you do, but my family sure doesn't. If we are playing something all together for an event you know we are practicing at most a week before we perform. And that's like a few times a year.

3. Finding times to practice is hard.

Either someone else seems to already be practicing or someone is asleep.

4. People often confuse the name of the instruments we play.

No, we don't play the clarinet or the trumpet. But congratulations on properly identifying the piano!

5. You and your sibling bicker about which instrument is more difficult to play.

And Will, it is oboe hands down every day.

6. You and your sibling learn new instruments in all your "spare time".

Spare time is obviously a joke because if we had extra time we should be practicing our main instruments. I guess it is just a means of procrastination.

7. Maybe I lied about the family band thing because you and your sibling randomly have jam sessions sometimes.

You just do and it is awesome. In those moments nothing else matters.

8. The drivers gets to pick the music and no one is allowed to complain about it.

Either put in some headphones or suck it up.

9. You spend your weekends at auditions and rehearsals instead of sports practices and games.

Because in our minds travel ball doesn't make sense, but leaving a concert that ends at 9:30 PM to drive across the state for an audition at 9:30 AM the next morning makes perfect sense.

10. Sometimes you sit down and just try to count how many different instruments you have in the house.

I think my last count was 12 but honestly it could be more by now. Will is always looking for a new one to take in.

11. Because you are all musicians you know all of the hard work that you put into everything you play

They encourage you and give you plenty of advice. They know exactly how to help you through practicing ruts and playing plateaus. While any musician could do this, it makes it 100 times better because it is your family!