Music is something that I hear most people say they cannot live without, and I strongly agree with that statement. Try to sit here and imagine the world without your favorite artist or even your favorite genre or the world without any music at all. No drums, no pianos, no singing, no rapping, nothing. Crazy to think about, right? Now, for some people, music is merely background sound to them. It doesn't make them feel any sort of emotion and they can go days without actually listening to music. This is the exact opposite for me. Music saves me on a daily basis and I can't even imagine where I would be without it.

Ever since I was young, music has always been something I've had a love for. Sure, when people say they have a passion for it, they usually mean something along the lines of choir, band, or orchestra. That was never really the case for me. Yes, I had been in choir and orchestra; no, I wasn't spectacular and I didn't love it so I quit. So when I say I have a love of music, I mean it based on my favorite artists, my favorite songs, my favorite lyrics. I've never thought of music as just background noise. It's so much more than that to me.

What's your point? You may be wondering. My point is that music does more for me than what any person ever could. Music is a daily savior that always shows up at the right time. Whenever I'm sad and can't put my own feelings into words, music is there for me. I can always count on my favorite artists to explain how I'm feeling in 4 minutes and 15 seconds. Whenever I'm driving down I-80 with my friends and the windows are down and the sun beaming is beaming through, I feel nothing but pure bliss in those moments. Music has never failed to lift me up when I'm feeling down and I will forever be thankful for my favorite songs being there for me when no one else is.

The thing about music that has always been my favorite is that it will never break my heart. Yes, it makes me cry and makes me feel emotions at a much deeper level, but it has never once broken my heart. The words wrap around me like a familiar hug that is needed at 3 am when I'm caught up in my own thoughts and craving comfort. And this is why music saves me on a daily basis. It does not break me; it builds me. Music is and always will be the love of my life. Without music, I would not be the same person and I think that life would be a lot harder. So music, thank you for being my savior.