Music Review: OK Jaanu
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Music Review: OK Jaanu

A review of the soundtrack from the new film by Shaad Ali.

Music Review: OK Jaanu
OK Jaanu

OK Jaanu is the Hindi remake of the popular Tamil film OK Kanmani. The movie is directed by Shaad Ali, with Mani Ratnam producing. It is similar to when Alaipayuthey was remade as Saathiya. The movie's soundtrack was released on the 4th of January. The music is again composed by A.R Rahman, but this time, the lyrics are written by Gulzar, just like Saathiya. He reused most of the songs from the original, except for 3 of them, which he replaced with three of his own. Most of the time, when we hear songs being remade, we would normally prefer the original. But Alaipayuthey was an exception, as I felt the songs in Saathiya were much better. What about OK Jaanu? Lets see!

1) OK Jaanu title track
This is the remake of Mental Manadhil. I remember when Mental Manadhil released. It was so magical that I listened to it non-stop. But when I listened to the Hindi remake, it didn't really give me that same "Mental Manadhil" magic.

I felt Gulzar could have used better words. "Jaanu" in place of "Laila" and "Yeh aayu yeh vaayu,Yeh mangal pe mangal, Tu lucky lagti hai, Sabhi kuch hai kalyana, Ki lakeeron mein, Lekin magan toh nahi hai tu, Tu lucky lagti hai" (this age, this environment, this wrestling game on the mars,you seem lucky to me, O girl, everything is there in the lines,but not love, you look lucky)in place of "Kannalae Killathae Seendaamal Sellathae, Thottalum Thullathae, Vitaalum Pogaathae, Kalyanam Katcheri Samsaaram Sammanthi, Pen Pillai Aan Pillai, Aiyaiyo Oh Maane" (don’t kill with your eyes, don’t go without disturbing, don’t judder on touching, don’t go on breakup, marriage, concert, Wife,bridegroom, bride,Oh no, my dear)just didn't seem right. It's still listenable though, and it gives you a good feeling. A.R Rahman sang this version too.

2) The Humma Song
This is a remake of the song "Humma Humma" from Bombay. Arranged by Badshah and Tanishk Bagchi. This is used in place of "Parandhu Sella Vaa" from the original. There were a lot of controversies about this song, and a lot of people criticised this song. Yes the original was amazing! Nothing can beat that! But this remade version of Humma isn't as bad though! I like the arrangement, it is quite catchy. Jubin Nautiyal and Shashaa Tirupati sang quite well too. If there was one thing I disliked about this song was the rap part. I felt it was unnecessary. Otherwise not a bad attempt.

3) Enna Sona
This is freshly composed by A.R Rahman for this film. This is used in place of "Aye Sinamika" from the original. This is a very sweet and soft song. Sung beautifully by Arijit Singh, and with beautiful Punjabi lyrics by Gulzar, this song will capture your heart. My favourite lines of this song are:- kol hove te sek lagda ae, door jaave te dil jalda ae, keri agg naal rab ne banaya, rab ne banaya.. rab ne banaya (when she is nearby, it warms me, when she goes away, the heart burns.. with which fire has god made her?).

4) Jee Lein
This is the remake of Theera Ulaa. To be honest, I wasn't very impressed with Theera Ulaa. I like this version much better than the original. I kept on listening it on loop, and when I listen to it, I go to another world. So what did Theera Ulaa lack? Jee Lein has Gulzar's lyrics. I love these lines : bichad bhi gaye, Toh bhi kya hai, Tera dard toh saath hoga, agar aa gaye aansu, Toh kya mera chehra, Toh yaad hoga, Toh yaad hoga (even if we get separated,what's bad there, at least your pain will be with me. Even if you cry, at least you will be by remembering my face). This part was sung wonderfully. One of the best songs in the soundtrack.

5) Kaara Fankara
This is the remake of Kaara Aattakkara. Kaara Attakkara was so catchy, and it gave me goosebumps every time I listened to it. I loved the rap by ADK. But Kaara Fankara didn't feel quite the same. I felt the rap part here could be a lot better. Same as OK Jaanu Title Track, I felt Gulzar could have used better lyrics. But still this song makes you feel good when you listen to it.

6) Saajan Aayo Re
This is the remake of Naane Varugiraen. This was a masterpiece by A.R Rahman and Shashaa sang the original wonderfully. The remake has the same charm as Naane Varugiraen. Jonita Gandhi sang this version well. I was really impressed. She didn't make me miss Shashaa (though she did nail the original). Nakash Aziz, who sang the male parts of the song, is another singer you must look out for, he has a wonderful voice. Another amazing part of the song is Gulzar's lyrics. Do listen to this version, you won't be disappointed!

7) Maula Wa Sallim
This is for all my North Indian friends who haven't listened to the original, but is only getting to know the song from OK Jaanu. The song originates from Qasīdat al-Burda, meaning Poem of the Mantle in Arabic. Qasīdat al-Burda is an ode of praise for the Islamic prophet Muhammad composed by the eminent Sufi, Imam al-Busiri of Egypt. A.R Ameen sings this song beautifully. Please listen if you haven't!

8) Sunn Bhavara
This is another freshly composed song by A.R Rahman for this film, used in place of Malargal Kaetten. While Malargal Kaetten has Carnatic music elements, Sunn Bhavara has Hindustani elements. I loved the tabla used in this song. I love Shashaa's light tone, she sings this with great emotion. The lyrics are also beautiful. My personal pick of this album. A must listen.

Most popular movies and songs are remade, so that they can spread it to other parts of the country or world, in a language they would understand. Not a lot of us like remakes, but I see this is an opportunity for people who haven't listened to these songs to do so. Suppose OK Jaanu songs came out first, and OK Kanmani ones come out later, we would have also said that remake ones are better as that's what we have listened to. Also when we have talented people like A.R Rahman, Gulzar and Mani Ratnam working together, it's always good.

So overall OK Jaanu has some lows, but it has a lot of highs. Both albums are good. Do listen to the soundtrack. Especially listen to Enna Sona, Sunn Bhavara, Jee Lein and Saajan Aayo Re, my picks from the album!

My Rating:- 3/5

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