A life without music would be a life not worth living. Music fuels everything in our world whether you realize it or not. It burrows into the deepest corners of our bodies when it plays and makes us move. Music can heighten a mood or bring it crashing down. I know that a happy song on a dark day can wake me from the deepest sadness. I’ve got a playlist just for that.

There’s always that one song that makes you scream THIS IS MY SONG whenever it plays. Think about it now and put it on. Rock out to it. Sing that bad boy in the shower. Show it to your friends. Listen to it and just really feel it in you. FInd new things to love about it. If you’re feeling frisky, comment it in the bottom so others can jam out with you. I wanted to write this piece to just inspire people to listen to new music. Recently I’ve been listening to exclusively new music and my days have been much happier because of it. Every new song helps me find a new side of myself. Sure there are some trash ones, but there are so many good ones that fill me with excitement. I know I’m not the first person to listen to these songs but to me they feel like my discovery. I listen to them wherever I go and provide a soundtrack for my life. I’m the star of my own movie called Life. Sure it’s had it’s ups and downs but did you hear that soundtrack? I’m hoping it’ll get the Oscar just for that.

Music can help you understand others and connect with culture outside of yours. There are some songs I listen to and I don’t know a single word but the feeling is all there. I understand what the artist was feeling when they wrote it and I feel a little better for it. There’s this one song, Gondry by Primary, from south korea that relaxes me like nothing else. I feel such a sense of ease when I listen even when there isn’t a lick of english in the whole song. Like i’ve said, it doesn’t matter. What matters is what the artist is feeling and how they convey that.

I urge everyone to listen to music as often as possible. Let it pump you up on a dreary work day or encourage you to run that extra mile on the treadmill. Use it to get out any emotion you’re just holding on to. If you don’t cry when you sing Rolling In The Deep then you haven’t really listened to it. Go cry with Adele and then pump yourself up with the Black Eyed Peas. Just listen to something!