Are You Music-Festival Ready?
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Are You Music-Festival Ready?

A Check List for all the Things You Need During Your Outdoor Jam Fests this Year

Are You Music-Festival Ready?

It is customary at every college to have an annual Spring Weekend. Where the school pumps money into extremely fun events exclusively for its students, with the exception of paid guest and alumni tickets. Of course, every school runs the special weekend a little differently, but the gist of the spring event is to (drunkenly) have the time of your life right before finals. At my school, the weekend starts with a color run and the main event is the Saturday music festival which unofficially starts in the early hours of the morning and runs past hangovers and excellent performances by up-and-coming artists, likely into the early hours of the next morning. I’ve been gathering friends, clothing, drinks and extra items to make sure I am perfectly prepared for the day that’s apparently better than Christmas.


But technically, a “canopy.” I reached out to about 12 friends who were interested in having a place of rest and shade during the day and doled out a small fee of $5 for going out and purchasing the structure. For me, although I love to float and talk to everyone I know, I prefer to have a home base and organized the tent group. PSA: also make sure to mark your tent because everyone’s will look the same. I’m thinking wrapping pink duct tape around the poles or hanging a patterned towel from the frame of one side.


I’ve personally never been to a music festival that lasted all day, but since they’re popular events to attend, I’ve seen my fair share of pictures of what to wear to said occasions. Although at first I felt my bright blue one piece with “Mermaid” typed on the front tucked into jean shorts was a little too “Governor’s Ball” style for this “Coachella” type festival, it’s still going to be so fun to wear. I added in two other tentative outfits, vibe and temperature depending, as well as braided hair and flash tattoos to last me throughout the entire day.


Alcohol?? Me?? I don’t know what you’re talking about… but some plain blue Fruit Punch will definitely be a tasty drink in my cup!


For those who are drinking with (cough, cough) liquor in mind, and for those of us who aren’t, I wouldn’t want to NOT eat all day! I made sure to buy a couple bags of Tostitos’ Scoops Chips to keep under the tent for myself and homies. Besides that, our school is providing free doughnuts via a free doughnut truck, as well as complimentary sandwiches and frozen ice!


[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1 original_size="1x1"]

It’s basically a huge cheating day- no homework, little sleep, non-traditional eating times and food, etc. So make sure to have a big carby breakfast! ... to soak up anything mysterious that enters your stomach.

The Extras

I made a pretty lengthy trip to the dollar store earlier in the week leading up to the festival. I made plans with a friend who had a car and we made serious moves. I’m talking a tumbler that's purple and blue chevron patterned with a straw and handle. I’m talking a “water” container with a spout to pour from. I’m talking a bubble wand. And a clear poncho for if it rains to stay dry but still be able to see my outfit. You could tell I put a lot of thought into this day.

The Clean Up

To be honest, I’m a little worried about the end of the night when everyone will be wasted- I mean tired- and won’t be able to put away all of our items, namely, the tent. The canopy requires four people at each pole either pulling out to open or pushing in to close. Here’s to hoping when it’s pitch black out and the artists have all finished their performances, that the tent won’t be left alone. At Conn we call it Floralia, so get ready, and just go with the flow

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