30 Music Artists Who Deserve More Appreciation In 2018
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30 Music Artists Who Deserve More Appreciation In 2018

You have to stop sleeping on these.

30 Music Artists Who Deserve More Appreciation In 2018

One of my resolutions every year is to discover new music. I'm constantly being introduced to new songs and artists, but in 2017 I started to feel like a lot of my old favorites were absolutely killing it and no one was paying attention, so I compiled a list of underappreciated artists who have improved my life a million times over that everyone needs to stop sleeping on, plus a bunch of reccomendations from my Odyssey friends that I'm going to be jamming to all year long.

All the artists I've included fall outside of Spotify's top artists, so they're definitely underappreciated.

1. Jacob Whitesides

2. Greyson Chance

3. Bea Miller

4. Jake Miller

5. 7 Minutes in Heaven

6. Billie Eilish

7. James TW

8. Dodie

9. City and Color

10. Alexander Jean

11. Two Door Cinema Club

12. Anthem Lights

13. Glass Animals

14. The Head and the Heart

15. Colony House

16. Odessa

17. Skylar Grey

18. Wrabel

19. MUNA

20. Ella Mai

21. EDEN

22. Nahko

23. Within Temptation

24. Meg Myers

25. Lacey Sturm

26. Grizfolk

27. Cimorelli

28. The Ready Set

29. Dylan Holland

30. Spencer Sutherland

All of these artists, some new to me, and some old, totally blew me away with the songs I have posted above. Almost all of them have plans for new music in 2018, so get ready and pay attention. You never know which one of these will be this year's break out artist (and a well-deserving one at that.)

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