Mulan Live Action Remake

Prepare to mark your calendars. Disney announced that the Mulan Live action remake will hit theaters on Nov. 2, 2018. If Mulan is your favorite princess, like me, it time to fangirl because this is happening.

Mulan was considered a turning point along with the film Pocahonta for the Disney princess franchise. Up to this point women relied on a male heroes to save them and were labeled a delicate and weak. Mulan demonstrated especially to young women that being a princess did not mean you had rely on a man or that you are weak.

Not only is this classic going to be live action but will also include all Asian leads according to Vulture. This was released after an essay from some who claims to had access to the Mulan scripted first bought by Disney said that the loved lead would be a "European Trader". However a source of Vulture said that Mulan would have an Asian love interest.

Fans like me really hope this film lives up to the original movie. This film needs include the same humor, characters, butt kicking and songs. It better include the classic songs of "I'll make a man out of you" , "Reflections" and "A girl worth fighting for". Now all we fans have wait patiently for the film to be released.

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