12 Things I'll Spend My Bus Fare On Now That MSU Has Free Rides On Campus

12 Things I'll Spend My Bus Fare On Now That MSU Has Free Rides On Campus

Spartans will ride for free.


For years students have been begging Michigan State University's CATA busses to allow students to ride for free, claiming that the $50 bus pass EACH semester is a little bit ridiculous considering the amount that students already pay just to attend the school. Even MSU's biggest rival in all aspects, University of Michigan, allows their students to ride their public transportation for free. So why couldn't the Spartans as well?

On July 18, 2018, MSU announced that for the first time, students would be allowed to ride the CATA buses that run on campus for free. Although there is some concern about how the already over-populated busses will handle more riders, one thing's for sure: Spartans are looking forward to spending their bus fare elsewhere.

1. Starbucks

AND I'm treating myself to a Venti, too.

2. Rama

Let me get an extra pitcher (or five) next Thursday.

3. A meal in the caf

I'll be at the Brody pasta line if ya need me.

4. Conrad's

Onion rings are calling my name!!!

5. Paying back my parking tickets

Maybe I'll finally give PACE the money I owe them... maybe.

6. Pinball Pete's

After an afternoon at RAMA though, of course.

7. A new pair of headphones

Lord knows I'll need them for the bus.

8. A Spotify subscription

To listen to with my new headphones, of course.

9. Pizza House

No longer relying on winning it at a basketball game, thank you very much.

10. A pack of gum from Sparty's

An essential for any lecture.

11. Buy a loaf of bread for the ducks

Those little babies on the Red Cedar just need a friend.


Waiting in the line on Grand River is WORTH IT.

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8 College Questions I Need An Upperclassman To Answer, Because I Am 'Confusion' Already

Seriously, can somebody help me out?


I need some answers, ASAP.

1. How do the RAs not die of exhaustion? I mean their job is to socialize non stop and take care of a whole floor of people. It appears to be the parkour of college jobs.

2. Why are they giving us so many T-shirts? What am I going to do with all these T-shirts?

3. Should my roommates and I leave our door open? Why aren't other people leaving their doors open? Is it weird to knock on someone's door and introduce yourself?

4. Why are there so few outlets and SO MANY THINGS TO PLUG IN?!

5. What the heck is up with shower shoes? Cause you can't wear them out of the bathroom cause then you're getting the hallways floors wet, but you don't to walk barefoot in the hallways and hold your shoes. I am confusion, AMERICA EXPLAIN.

6. This isn't a question but the random free food is nice.

7. What should I wear, just in general?

8. Why does living in a dorm feel so much like summer camp?

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Forget Invisibility, I Wish For These 5 Superpowers Instead

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


We've all been asked the question "If you could have any superpower, what would it be?" The typical answers include being able to fly, read minds, or be invisible. These basic abilities would be great to have, however, there are so many other better abilities that people never choose. Imagine the thing you hate doing most, whether it's getting ready, going to the gym, studying, etc. Now imagine being able to have the benefits of that thing without doing actually doing it. That's the superpower you should choose to have. I live a pretty great life, but if I had it my way, I would have at least one of these five superpowers.

1. The ability to eat all you want without gaining any weight

For many, weight is a struggle. We like food and don't like spending hours at the gym to work that it off. Imagine a world in which you could eat all you want and still have that amazing bikini body. It would save so much time and would let food become something that's not stressful, but enjoyable. That's a world I want to live in.

2. The ability to go anywhere you want automatically

Also called teleportation, this superpower can be a common one. However, it is one of the best superpowers out there. Think of how much time we spend driving cars, sitting in traffic, or flying in planes. With this superpower, we would be free to use this time to do other, more important things. I firmly believe that if teleportation existed, cancer would be cured by now. We would also be able to pop over to another country for a day and that's just awesome.

3. The ability to get anything you want for free

I realize that material things don't bring happiness, and I don't think I would want every expensive thing in the world. However, I do think I'd want this superpower. Imagine being able to try new clothes or products that you're curious about without having to pay for them. You could always have an updated wardrobe with today's trends and you could have unlimited access to all the supplies you need to follow your passion.

4. The ability to change your mood automatically

This isn't a superpower I necessarily want. However, it's a superpower I and a lot of other people need. I am an emotional person. Good and bad, I take things people say to heart and I think about them for way too long. This superpower would allow me and others like me to be able to snap out of sadness or anger in an instant and go straight back to being happy. It would make this world a much easier place to live in.

5. The ability to snap your fingers and be ready for the day

I do like picking out my outfits and doing my hair and makeup, but I don't like how long it takes me to get ready. I love to sleep, so the thought of being able to sleep in until the last possible second and still be able to look completely put together for the day is an amazing one. I also like to think I would look better in this scenario since my stylist is, you know, magic.

These superpowers would make life so much easier. Too bad they don't exist. Even though we want to, there's no way to avoid going to the gym, feeling emotions, and getting ready. Looks like we'll have to deal with our first world problems ourselves for now.

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