It doesn't make you a bad person and it doesn't mean that you hate them.

It's okay if you don't feel the same anymore, as you once did. It's okay to feel like you need to close the door. It's okay if you don't want to be with them anymore. It's okay to say goodbye to someone you made memories with. It's okay to remember the good and bad memories you have. It's okay to miss them. It's okay to remember something about them, even if you hated it. It's okay to be somewhere, like in a store, and they pop into your head because of something you saw reminded you of them.

It's okay. Just because you may think of them and may miss them at times doesn't mean you want to be with them. Sure, you've had memories whether good or bad, but it doesn't mean you want to keep making memories. Yes, at times it may be hard because you've shared a part of yourself that you've never shared with anyone else. You were vulnerable to them. You might have even loved them at some point. Loving and caring them won't go away, but just because you may love and care for them still doesn't mean you want to be with them.

It's okay if you want to check in on them. It's okay if you want to know how they're doing. It's okay if you talk to them. But just because you talk them doesn't mean you want to be with them.

Sometimes you're just ready to finally let go. Sometimes you're ready to be able to forgive them. It's okay to forgive them. You may not forget everything they did to you, but in order for yourself to be happy, you have to be able to forgive them. Once you forgive them, you can move on with your life.

Just because they were in your life at one point, doesn't mean they still need to be in your life. Sometimes people come into our lives for a while and then need leave with no answer. Sometimes you just grow in different directions, you grow apart. It doesn't mean you think of them any less, it just means that they weren't supposed to travel throughout your journey through life; they were in your life for a limited time to teach you a lesson and then are left behind once you learn.

Everything happens for a reason. And sometimes the reason you'll never understand or know. And it's okay. It's okay to leave them behind. It's okay to let them go now. You did your part in their life and now you have to let them go. It's your turn to help someone else in their life so they can learn what you just were taught.

Remember, It's okay to move on and it's okay to leave the past behind. It doesn't make you weak, it only makes you stronger.