Leaving Home For College Is Different The Last Time Around

Flashback to this time three years ago. I was packing my bags and getting ready to move in to college for the first time. I was a ball of emotions. I was going to be 700 miles away from home, surrounded by people I didn't know. I was excited to start the next chapter in my life, but nervous for all the things that God had in store for me.

I felt like I was ready to be on my own and to make my own decisions away from my parents. Everyone told me all these great things that would happen to me while I was at college. I was told that I would find my real life long best friends and the person that I was going to marry. But when I got to school I wasn't looking for friends to replace the ones I had at home, although that ended up happening anyway.

Eventually I became homesick. I missed home-cooked meals and my shower (we have really great water pressure) and laughing with my family. For the first time in my life I had my own room which was something I'm still getting used to, despite going into my senior year.

Now as I prepare to move in for my senior year, I'm not nervous. It is a bittersweet feeling to be going into my last year. While I am ready to be done with the test-taking and stress that college brings, I love learning about ministry and the plans God has for me.

Getting ready to go back feels different this time. I have less things to pack. Saying goodbye to my family never gets easier but is something that I am used to. Going back to school feels like a routine. Like it's what I'm supposed to do.

This may be my last year at Union but I plan to make the most of it.

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