Moving Out Of Your College Dorm As Told By 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'
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Moving Out Of Your College Dorm As Told By 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

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Moving Out Of Your College Dorm As Told By 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'

We all remember that first day, how excited we were to have all our belongings nicely packed and organized in our car, and all the adventures coming of moving to a new place and starting our lives over again in the fall. That hard work and dedication to moving in everything and unpacking in a time-saving, organized and nicely planned manner. Everything had a specific place not only in the trunk of your car but in your new home that was waiting for you only a few hours away.

Over the next few months, you'd meet new friends or reconnect with old ones (for those just returning from summer for another year), make new memories, do more crazy things, study a little harder (hopefully) and maybe just make it back out with that 4.0. But sooner or later the end of the semester comes, and if you're only a little freshman or if you just don't yet have that permanent home in your college town there comes a day that hits you just like that math final did as you were running on only a few hours of sleep and maybe a few caffeinated drinks--move out day.

Ok, I will be honest, maybe I am exaggerating a little. But the truth is that move out day hits you unprepared no matter how much you've been counting down the days till summer, and gets you sentimental all while running what feels like a half marathon in training for 'America's Top Ninja Warrior'.

Here are just a few perfectly captured moments from the one and only 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' that perfectly sum up what packing up those eight months or two semesters worth of college feels like.

1. Packing up all the belongings you have accumulated over the past semester

As you're packing, realizing that you have ten times more belongings than what you came to college with, and wondering how you ended up in this situation. There aren't enough bags, boxes, drawers to fit all your belongings and you are standing there among the destruction of your room, somehow making it more of a mess trying to pack it all away than what it was before. Just don't think about all the money spent accumulating those not-as-necessary items and everything will be fine right?

2. It takes forever

It's been almost two hours and you still only have half your room packed. How much longer will it take? I need a nap.

3. Calling your backup squad for reinforcements

Call your mom, call your siblings, call your friends. All hands on deck. Did you really think you would fit it all in that one car?

4. Sometimes it requires a bit of bribery

Sometimes you have to bribe your friends or even some college boys with food to help you move that one big piece of furniture that would crush you alone.

5. Packing your car up calls for trial and error

Packing your car up takes patience, time, and skill. You arrange things and then rearrange things like a game of Tetris to try to make it all fit. Back seats down? Check. Front seats moved all the way forward? Check. And in the end...will it all fit?

6. Eventually you just give up and start cramming

Eventually you run out of patience and just start shoving things chaotically into that one last duffel bag. That lamp looks like it can fit in there with my shoes. As long as you get it all in there it's all going to the same place.

7. No matter what the temperature is, you're sweating

I mean carrying those bags and boxes is a work out, especially if you don't have an elevator in your dorm. Whether its practically snowing outside or there's a tornado on the approach, it doesn't matter. You're sweating regardless. Is this what exercise feels like? Either way way you're getting your steps in today, honey. Maybe you should consider getting into shape for move out day next year, it's never too late to start.

8. You gain arm strength in lifting those boxes or bags

Being weak isn't an option when moving out. You pack-mule your stuff outta there in as few trips as possible. My noodle arms definitely gained some muscle from moving up and down those three flights of stairs.

9. When you finally get everything to fit in your car

Hopefully you can still see out of your car for safe driving purposes by now. Whatever the case, that car is so jammed packed you're worried your trunk isn't going to close.

10. Looking at the time when you're finished and seeing it took all day

11. That feeling you get when you finally finish 

You did that, and now it's summer and you are free. Finals, done. Packed, done. All that stands between you and summer now is that drive home.

12. Going back to your now empty room to lock up

You feel accomplished from finishing and you're ready to go, but first you have to double check your now empty room before locking up and walking away. Those memories you made in that tiny room will never be forgotten. It's a short and sweet but sentimental moment looking at where all your belongings used to be, and how you thought this day would never come but here it is. Does it have to end already? You don't want to stay but you don't want to go either.

13. Saying goodbye to your friends for the summer

You made it through an incredible eight months with these people and now you have to part ways for the summer. Some of them you know for sure you'll see again next semester, but some of them you can only hope. They are your best friends and you can't stand the idea of being away from them for so long. Feeling: sentimental. You are so thankful for all the memories you've made and can't wait for so many more. You feel so truly blessed they came into your life, and they are your family away from home.

14. You can't wait to do it all again next semester

School is hard and finals are rough, but you'd never trade that experience for the world. All those memories with your friends and late nights that make college truly great are so worth it. Summer is great and feels so nice, and you need a break, but you also are already thinking about all those crazy adventures in life that are waiting just around the corner of the next semester. Let's go, bring it on!

And finally...

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