10 Movies That Will Help You Get Out A Good Cry
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10 Movies That Will Help You Get Out A Good Cry

Lock yourself in your room for the night.

10 Movies That Will Help You Get Out A Good Cry
Nicholas Sparks

Warning make sure you have your tissues, Tub of Ice Cream, Chocolate, and Cookie Dough, it will be needed. Here are the Top 10 movies that will make you ball your eyes out.

1. The Best of Me

I hate spoilers, so just take my word for it, and see the movie, so worth it.

2. P.S. I Love You

It's hard to top a movie where an amazing husband dies of cancer in the beginning of the movie, but leaves a series of letters to help his wife find Love again, Your eyes will become the Niagara Falls from start to end.

3. Furious 7

Nothing can really top the feeling of the Last scene of Furious 7, knowing that Paul Walker drove off into heaven, to See you again, even grown men could not help but ball there eyes out in theaters.

4. Remember Me

Is it the objective of all movies to get us to cry our tear ducks out by the end of the movie? I know this one did.

5. The Titanic

The classic love story of Rose and Jack, mixed with the demise of so many lives, can someone bring the Ben and Jerry's?

6. The Last Song

Another Nicholas Sparks classic, where the ending gets you in your feelings.

7. The Notebook

Everyone knows how tricky Love can be, these two definitely had obstacles in there way at finding a happy ending, but Love conquers all.

8. Safe Haven

This movie definitely had an unexpected turn in the end that I don't think anyone saw coming. Which makes the tear continue to pour out.

9. Marley and Me

For those who have seen this movie truly understand the ending, just kills you, no spoiler here.

10. The Lion King

Young Simba is left fatherless at the hands of his own uncle, there is nothing more sad than this especially as a child.

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