Movie Review For 'Bright'
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Movie Review For 'Bright'

Netflix's new try, good and bad

Movie Review For 'Bright'
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I watched the movie Bright staring Will Smith this weekend with my roommate last weekend. And I like the movie but there is definitely a lot to talk about. Bright is set in LA. It is 2 hundred years after the time of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The movie started with Will Smith as an LA police officer and his partner, the first orc policeman.

At first, I thought this movie was using orcs, humans and elves as covers to talk about the race issues that already existed in the world but the more I watch the more I realized it is not entirely about that. Later in the movie comes magic, gangs and dark lords. So at the end of the day I am not sure what the movie was about. This movie is trying to achieve too many things at one, there are a lot of stories. I was confused half the time I was watching it. There are still a lot of unanswered questions when the movie ended.

For people who have not read Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit, like me, it is a little hard to understand the setting of the world. I was wondering what they were until I remembered there are creatures like that in Lord of the Rings. The complicated relationship between different intelligent species are not clear. Maybe a little intro could have helped the movie. On top of that there are so many elements in this movie, I am just not sure what it is saying anymore by the end. There was magic, prophecy and discrimination, gang violence. I mean there is a lot.

One thing I cannot complain about is the novelty of the topic, to choose something so familiar and give it a twist. I see it as another kind of fan fiction made into a movie. I think this kind of movie has potential and it is a completely new thing that should be encouraged, because it is such a new genre of movie there is a lot of space for improving. And it might be better if it is a TV show, so it is easier to show the complicity of this world the movie is introducing. There are a lot of TV shows like this in China, where you take a familiar thing and give it a twist and they are successful.

The special effects were well done and the creatures looked real. It was aesthetically pleasing despite the plot. I like this movie because it is unlike something I have seen before in the US, I like how the movie looks. But there is a lot to improve on this new genre of movie and hopefully we will see more of this kind.

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