Reasons For A Christian To Not Cuss
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I May Be The Daughter Of A Navy Man, But That Doesn't Mean I have The Mouth Of A Sailor

Expressing myself doesn't mean I have to use language that would put a Sailor to shame.


I am a white girl, a college student, a Netflix junkie, a superhero/comic book/Star Wars/Star Trek loving girl, and many other things, but I am not one to use vulgar or foul language. This is a personal conviction that I feel very strongly about for specific reasons.

I understand that Y'all may not hold the same belief and I'm not asking you to avoid cussing around me. God hears you whether I am there or not, and He's the one you should be worried about, not me.

But I do want to explain why I feel this way and why I chose to live without using language that would put a Sailor to shame.

Firstly, I am a Christian. As such, I am constantly striving to honor God with how I live, think, and speak. I want to glorify Him with my actions, thoughts, and words. Cussing is not glorifying to Him at all.

Using vulgar words to express my emotions or as an in the moment reaction is not glorifying to Him.

Secondly, I want to protect my witness. I am a redeemed sinner. I was once a slave to my flesh and my sinful desires, I was separated from God because of my sin. But, Jesus died for my sins. He paid the price.

Not only did he die to pay the price, he also rose again. He lives and is mediating for me at the right hand of God. Because I have accepted God's forgiveness of my sin through the blood of Jesus, that he knowingly and willingly sacrificed, and have believed in my heart and confessed with my mouth, I am a child of God.

I am a testimony to the reality of my God. Because of Him, I am different. I don't want to squander this difference by choosing to be like the world in how I act, think, and speak. I want to stand out and show them that there is another way to live. That they too can be freed from their sin and reunited with God. I don't want to taint my witness with vulgar words.

I don't want to want them to look at me and say, "she's just like everybody else, living in sin and being hypocritical about it."

I don't want to be used to justify someone else's use of language.

Thirdly, I want to be respectful and respected. I don't want to disrespect those around me by cursing and using foul language. I want them to know that even if I am in pain, or angry, or hurt, I value my words (and them) and won't misuse or abuse either.

I may say crap, shoot, or "Oh man!" as exclamations, but I am not using these as substitute words. Meaning that when I use these, I am not thinking of a cuss word and saying the cleaner versions instead.

Overall, I don't use vulgar or foul language because I want to glorify God, I don't want to taint my witness, and I want to be respectful.

It is my hope that you can understand and accept these reasons. Perhaps some of them have even resonated with you.

If you're a Christian who cusses, my challenge is for you to take a look at your walk and seek God's direction. Follow the convictions He gives you.

Feel free to comment about why you do or do not cuss. Think about your reasoning and don't be afraid to face opposition. Sometimes when sharpening iron, sparks fly.

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