Mother Nature Stop Being So Bipolar

Mother Nature Stop Being So Bipolar

Pick a Season

Recently the weather has been a little bitch. Every morning has been a giant struggle because I literally have no idea what to wear (yeah I know first world problems). When I wake up it's a little chilly and it gets me excited because that means FALL, which happens to be my favorite season. I would much rather dress in sweaters, leggings, and big comfy sweatshirts all day. I hate being hot and I hate sweating, I love summer but I freaking hate the weather. However, I hate the transition from summer to fall weather. Mother Nature has been so bipolar recently. First, it's cold then she's like NOPE jk I want it to be 10000 degrees. That just really messes with my day and means that I have to change at least 10 times a day which then means I have to spend a billion dollars on laundry at the end of the week. Right now on this crappy Sunday morning, I started off with a t-shirt and leggings, then I got a little chilly so changed into a big sweatshirt, now I am sweating and I'm going to have to change....AGAIN. The weather needs to get it together like right now because I can't take any more of this. I've had enough. I'm over it and I want the fall weather already.

5 Struggles of Transitioning from Summer to Fall

1. In the morning it's really chilly so you decide "I'm going to dress homeless today since it's a little chilly", for some reason when the weather gets colder everyone just decides that it's okay to dress like a hobo. So you put on your nice leggings and a giant sweatshirt.

2. You walk outside for the first time and pat yourself on the back because it is chilly. You see all the other girls with their cute sundresses on and just chuckle a little because yeah they look cute but you're comfy and warm.

3. Then you walk into your classroom and it's like below zero in there and you're wondering why the AC is still blasting when the weather is finally cooling down. You spend the whole class wishing you had brought a jacket with you because you're shivering.

4. After class, you walk outside and for a second you're relieved that it's warmer than the classroom however after walking around for about 2 seconds you start sweating profusely.

5. You go back to your room feeling all defeated because you know you have to change. You angrily strip and put on shorts and a tank top while you curse mother nature for making you think it was fall.

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It's Time To Thank Your First Roommate

Not the horror story kind of roommate, but the one that was truly awesome.

Nostalgic feelings have recently caused me to reflect back on my freshman year of college. No other year of my life has been filled with more ups and downs, and highs and lows, than freshman year. Throughout all of the madness, one factor remained constant: my roommate. It is time to thank her for everything. These are only a few of the many reasons to do so, and this goes for roommates everywhere.

You have been through all the college "firsts" together.

If you think about it, your roommate was there through all of your first college experiences. The first day of orientation, wishing you luck on the first days of classes, the first night out, etc. That is something that can never be changed. You will always look back and think, "I remember my first day of college with ____."

You were even each other's first real college friend.

You were even each other's first real college friend.

Months before move-in day, you were already planning out what freshman year would be like. Whether you previously knew each other, met on Facebook, or arranged to meet in person before making any decisions, you made your first real college friend during that process.

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The transition from high school to college is not easy, but somehow you made it out on the other side.

It is no secret that transitioning from high school to college is difficult. No matter how excited you were to get away from home, reality hit at some point. Although some people are better at adjusting than others, at the times when you were not, your roommate was there to listen. You helped each other out, and made it through together.

Late night talks were never more real.

Remember the first week when we stayed up talking until 2:00 a.m. every night? Late night talks will never be more real than they were freshman year. There was so much to plan for, figure out, and hope for. Your roommate talked, listened, laughed, and cried right there with you until one of you stopped responding because sleep took over.

You saw each other at your absolute lowest.

It was difficult being away from home. It hurt watching relationships end and losing touch with your hometown friends. It was stressful trying to get in the swing of college level classes. Despite all of the above, your roommate saw, listened, and strengthened you.

...but you also saw each other during your highest highs.

After seeing each other during the lows, seeing each other during the highs was such a great feeling. Getting involved on campus, making new friends, and succeeding in classes are only a few of the many ways you have watched each other grow.

There was so much time to bond before the stresses of college would later take over.

Freshman year was not "easy," but looking back on it, it was more manageable than you thought at the time. College only gets busier the more the years go on, which means less free time. Freshman year you went to lunch, dinner, the gym, class, events, and everything else possible together. You had the chance to be each other's go-to before it got tough.

No matter what, you always bounced back to being inseparable.

Phases of not talking or seeing each other because of business and stress would come and go. Even though you physically grew apart, you did not grow apart as friends. When one of you was in a funk, as soon as it was over, you bounced right back. You and your freshman roommate were inseparable.

The "remember that one time, freshman year..." stories never end.

Looking back on freshman year together is one of my favorite times. There are so many stories you have made, which at the time seemed so small, that bring the biggest laughs today. You will always have those stories to share together.

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The unspoken rule that no matter how far apart you grow, you are always there for each other.

It is sad to look back and realize everything that has changed since your freshman year days. You started college with a clean slate, and all you really had was each other. Even though you went separate ways, there is an unspoken rule that you are still always there for each other.

Your old dorm room is now filled with two freshmen trying to make it through their first year. They will never know all the memories that you made in that room, and how it used to be your home. You can only hope that they will have the relationship you had together to reflect on in the years to come.

Cover Image Credit: Katie Ward

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How A Community Became A Family After The Alabama-Georgia Tornadoes

We all came together and loved each other.


On March 3, 2019, Tornados struck Lee County, AL, Talbot County and Harris County, GA. The damage was catastrophic. From young children losing their lives to families losing everything, it was life-changing.

People lost their homes, vehicles, and some even lost their loved ones. People are without power and some do not even have an estimate as to when they will get it back; however, the community has been outstanding.

People have volunteered to take in others' animals and foster them. People have opened up their homes to complete strangers and welcomed them in with open arms. Nearby restaurants and Churches have generously donated food for those without.

We have had people volunteer to cut trees in the middle of the roads. We have had so many donations given to fire departments and shelters. The community is what has helped everyone. From the donations to the shelter, it is the outpouring love and prayers this community has.

The love the community has given towards each other is phenomenal. Everyone is being so generous and giving. When it hits home, you realize how bad these types of disasters actually are. The damage is tremendous and will take time. Some will have to rebuild and some will have to repair, but the community has offered so much that those things seem to little.

Everyone put their differences aside, and we all became one huge family. We have helped where help is needed. We have donated where donations are being taken, but most importantly we have come together to help one another.

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