We all have friends, some from high school some from college, some from our neighborhood and so on.

While we may be close to some and see some occasionally, we all have our best friends. our close circle who we confide in, our person. I believe my "best friend"- my people - are my family.

Especially my mother.

Jyoti Kumar

While I may not be home now, my mother is still my go-to person.

Whether it is for something good or something bad. when I am in crisis or having a panic attack the first person who I turn to is my mother.

She is the person who listens to me vent about the tiniest inconveniences I have had in my day and the person I turn to when I do not know what to do when something goes wrong.

She is the person who is always down for a good gossip session and the person who will provide me with a dose of sarcastic comments when I am too hyper and need something to bring me down.

Jyoti Kumar

She is the person who will listen to me go on and on about how something or someone is bothering me or how much I need something. She is the person who will shout at me (even today when I am almost 21) and instill me with some sense when I do not know what to do.

She will readily psycho-analyze me and tell me what is wrong with me and what I need to do.

She will listen to me cry and whine always and be there for me even when I annoy her and need her all the time.

While these may seem like things every mother does it means even more to me because she does it from 8,270 miles away.

Jyoti Kumar

Although I may be out of my house, I am still pretty close to my family and make sure that I talk to them as much as I can. But at the end of the day, the truth is that there is the distance between us and how much ever I try, there are certain events now that I cannot be a part of.

One such event is birthdays and celebrations in general.

For the people who know, they know that I love birthdays. Be it my birthday, my friends and family's birthday whoever is celebrating their birthday, I am always excited about it.

This week is my mothers work week and all I can say is thank you for always being there Amma! thanks for being my go-to person, my constant, my rock.

Happy birthday and I love you and miss you even more.