Motel 6 was sued for $12 million for releasing about 80,000 guest's private information to ICE with any warrant.

For this, a lawsuit was brought on by the state of Washington because of Motel 6 practices regarding its guest privacy.

Their customers had no knowledge and did not give permission to the chain to release their information to ICE. This has been happening in places like Everett, Washington, and Arizona from February 2015 to about September 2017 according to CNN.

People's privacy rights are being taken away. They are betraying their guest trust and taking away any safety or security they might feel.

The six locations of Motel 6 were releasing not only the guest's room number and names but also their license plate number, phone number, and driver's license number. It was also stated that they deliberately circled names that sounded Hispanic, according to CNN.

Not only does this violate the chains privacy policies and the Consumer Protection Act but it also is discriminatory towards people who are Hispanic.

At a minimum, nine people have been detained, according to CNN.

Events like this are having a negative effect on the trust for law enforcement and government agencies because the public will not be able to trust that they will follow the legal process of obtaining information or respecting the public's privacy.

According to ABC News, one man was detained at the hotel in the Seattle area while wrapping Christmas presents for his four children he was then deported.

The $12 million dollars will go to monetary damages that happened to the 80,000 guests whose private information were given to ICE, according to CNN.