1. Corinne explaining her rose

If Nick gave you a pre-Rose ceremony rose after a saucy romp during a photo shoot date, most girls would privately revel in their victory. Not Corinne. She proceeded to go on an extended rant about how she achieved her rose- think “I was just Corinne”- warranting no more than a word or two from her fellow contestants as they gaped at her audacity.

2. Corinne instigating a whipped cream fiasco

Corinne gets another moment because she has taken up too many minutes of air time with her often cringe-worthy antics to not get one. I take particular note of when she starts a weird game, during which she instructs Nick to eat whipped cream from her chest, but for her genuine shock and devastation when it does not “work.” What was she expecting, an approving visit from his mother?

3. Danielle's solo dance with Nick

This could have been great. Danielle is beautiful and fun and a good dancer, and I was happy she got the rose (although Jasmine’s moves also killed it). But doing an uncomfortable slow dance during an arguably fast-dance-worthy Backstreet Boys song and in front of every girl who did not get the coveted rose was just a little awkward.

4. Alexis in general

I love Alexis for a few reasons. One, her career title. There are always some enjoyable listings under the name of every Bachelor contestant- remember Emily’s and Haley’s occupation of “Twin” on Ben’s season- but none that were quite as hysterical as Alexis’ “aspiring dolphin trainer.” She even proceeds to show up wearing a shark costume that she insists is actually a dolphin. Additionally, her role of bride in a shotgun wedding during the photoshoot date may have made some girls upset, but Alexis went with it and absolutely killed it.

5. Vanessa getting sick mid-air

Just as I was beginning to admire Vanessa’s abilities to avoid motion sickness while on an adventurous date with Nick, viewers watch as she is overcome with a desire to throw up. Which she proceeds to then do. I note this moment mostly because it was kind of refreshing to see a contestant not look completely perfect on a date. Bachelor contestants- they’re just like us!