The Most Believable Conspiracy Theories
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The Most Believable Conspiracy Theories

A conspiracy theory is a belief that some covert but influential organization is responsible for a circumstance or event.

The Most Believable Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories have been around for a very long time, probably as long as humans have been able to think critically. What starts as a simple thought, or a different opinion or view on something can turn into something so much more. These conspiracy theories can range from the cruelest and chiller things that one can think of, to just innocent funny jokes. With that being said, conspiracy theories are just speculation and can easily be debunked, for instance, my friends and I used to make up some conspiracy theories about our former PIG teacher and classmate being communists and had gone to such great lengths to make things connect that things just made sense to us, but they were so crazy that it's almost impossible to believe them. Other conspiracy theories, however, become more and more believable as time passes. These are not meant to be taken as fact and are all a matter of speculation, please formulate your own opinions based on the factual evidence and do not take my word as an absolute 100% answer, these are meant to make one think critically and analyze certain things in a deeper more complex way. Here's just a glimpse of the most believable ones out there. (I'd also like to thank Shane Dawson for inspiring this)

1. Who shot JFK?

All jokes aside, this is one of the most interesting conspiracy theories out there. With multiple variations and ways to spin it, the possibilities are endless. Sorry Mr. Thompson, but the most believable theory about the JFK assassination would have to be the idea that there were multiple shooters. To elaborate, three shots were fired at JFK within a matter of seconds, so fast that some of the militaries most skilled snipers are unable to carry out three shots so quickly. Two of these bullets hit JFK, the second one that was to the head was the one that took his life, and Governor John B.Connally Jr was also injured by a bullet during this shooting but survived, nonetheless. The bullets had been shot out of one of over 20,000 windows that had not been inspected prior to the Motorcade, that window is the 6th-floor window on the southeast corner of the Texas School Book Depository by Lee Harvey Oswald.Oswald has obviously been "proven" to be the only shooter as per the Warren Commission, but was he really the only one? In the Zapruder film, Kennedy's head is shown to be flung backward by a force that can only be assumed to by the fatal bullet, appearing as if the bullet had come from to front of his vehicle. So why would have Kennedy's head went backwards if Oswald was behind him during the time of the fatal shot if Oswald was behind him? Wouldn't his head and body have gone forward with the strike of the fatal bullet instead of being flung backward, since Oswald was behind him? These are the million dollar questions, my friend, as nobody will truly know because Oswald was assassinated by Jack Ruby only two days after the President's death. Some people speculate whether Oswald was paid by the mafia or the even the CIA to take part and take the fall for Kennedy's assassination. But again this is all up for speculation and as of right now the only named killer is Lee Harvey Oswald.

2. Did Shakespeare write his plays?

It's said that Shakespeare wasn't actually the intellectual that we all know and have romanticized. In this theory, instead of being considered the noble play writer that he was during the 16th and 17th centuries, and had nothing to do with any of his now famous plays. The actual "writer," of these plays is said to be Sir Francis Bacon, a coined politician, philosopher, scientist, and knight behind the Free Masons, Rosicrucian Order, and the Knights Templer, all secret societies based in science, astronomy and many other things. Bacon wanted the people of England to have a basic level of education, because at the time many people from different places throughout England, could not understand one another. He also had scripts like the Iliad and the Odyssey translated into English so that people could read them, an overall pretty intellectual dude. But, supposedly, Bacon thought that people learned best through things like arts and literature, and supposedly the Goddess Athena told Bacon to write behind a "mask" and hide his identity to teach the English language to people, which he took seriously. At this time he was already an author so he needed to take on a personality, or a person, to be the face behind the plays and be able to make them grab peoples attention in a way that would make it seem entertaining. It is said that the actual actor, William Shakespeare, who hung around the theatre, was barely literate, and lacked the education to write the plays that he wrote. It's also said that none of the plays have any legal errors, meaning that the person who wrote them would have had to be an attorney or someone within the law field, which, Sir Francis Bacon was an attorney. It's also said that Shakespeare's signature is that of one that is not familiar with the English language. But for now, this is "to be or not to be" as Shakespear once "wrote."

3. Who killed Elisa Lam?

Elisa Lam had gone missing and was later found dead from drowning in the water tank at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles, California back in 2013. And the only reason her body was found because a few of the hotel guests complaining that their water was a funny color, or that their water tasted strange. These complaints caused the hotel to investigate and find the body of Elisa Lam. But how did her body get up there? And why is the elevator footage so disturbing to watch? Was this suicide? Was this something paranormal that we may never know the actual answer to? Or was this a murder? The hotel Lam was staying didn't carry the best of reputations, as it was home to the Black Dahlia Murder, the murder of the Pigeon Lady of Pershing Square, hosted people like the serial killers Jack Unteweger, Richard Ramirez, and even the Night Stalker, and is also home to many suicides as well. The night of Lam's death, she was placed in a shared room but was later removed and placed into a single room because of her reported "odd behavior" by the roommates and hotel staff. Lam did suffer from bipolar disorder and depression and had previously gone missing before, but she had no record of suicide attempts. After her disappearance, a few hotel rooms were searched but nothing came up, and they couldn't search every single room without probable cause. And then came out the chilling elevator video. This video shows Lam in what looks like a frightened and delusional state, frantically stepping in and out of the elevator, pressing the buttons on the elevator but the doors won't shut and the elevator won't move, and it appears that Lam is talking or arguing with someone not in line of sight with the camera. Some suspect that Lam was trying to escape a person pursuing her, or that she was under the influence of some hallucinogenic drug, but the most speculated one was that this was something paranormal, and completely out of her control? The last two do not, however, explain how she got into the water tank, and how she ended up naked inside it with her clothing next to her. How did she get on the roof? The general public did not have access to the rooftop, so how did she get up there? And how did she get into the water tank? Hotel staff needed a latter to get inside of it, and the latch wasn't easily replaceable from the inside due to the sheer weight of it. So was this a murder or something paranormal, I'll leave that up to you to speculate.

4. Is Tupac really dead?

Okay, this one is the biggest reach of them all, but it's certainly the most hilarious. This isn't the only case in history where a celebrity has "faked" their own death. It's a popular belief among many that some infamous celebrities are still out there. Some of the most famous being Elvis, Michael Jackson, Marilyn Monroe, obviously Tupac, and even Hitler. So Tupac may still be out there and we just don't know it? Where is he hiding? And what's his fake identity? On numerous occasions, there have been sitings of the popular 90s rapper Tupac, and it is widely speculated and even believed that he is still alive, and faked his own death to get out of the limelight. It's said that he's hiding in places like Malaysia, or he was partying in Cuba with Riri. Another is that he was a devout Machiavelli fan and if you don't know Machiavelli was famous for his theory about faking one's own death for an advantage against enemies. And under this theory, Tupac released an album named "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory," under his new stage name Makaveli, which if you rearrange some letters you get a secret message saying "AM ALIVE K" in which K is supposedly short for Kasinova that Don and alias Tupac took on after his "death." This is believed mostly because of similarities between their voices, and the fact that Kasinova has collaborated with individuals from Tupac's crew The Outlawz. But again this one is a stretch but is one of America's most famous pop culture conspiracy theories.

5. Wait....the Titanic didn't sink?

Why was a large insurance claim taken out just months before the Titanic set sail? Do you mean to tell me the sinking of the Titanic was all just one big insurance scam? How come pictures of the ship at the port do not match up with pictures of the legitimate Titanic, and match up more with the sister ship? Wait....there's sister ships? These are all some of the most asked conspiracy questions about the Titanic, and some of them we may never know the answer too because it's more than likely that the ship will remain stuck at the bottom of the ocean for eternity. In this decade-old theory, it's believed that the sister ship the Olympic was the ship that sunk and not the Titanic. The book "Titanic: The Ship That Never Sank" talks about the possible insurance scam put on by the International Mercantile Marine Co. which owned the White Star Line in which the Titanic and Olympic were both apart of. In this theory, the Olympic had already been damaged in a previous accident, but insurance wasn't paid out for this accident for a few reasons and they were unable to afford all of the damages caused to the ship. Just a few weeks before departure, extra insurance was taken out on the Titanic. It is said that this is because White Star Lines was going to sail out the Olympic under the Titanic's name and follow its original voyage to NYC and that the Olympic would hopefully sink, this would make this one of the biggest insurance scams ever. And as far as we know they were completely successful because we'll never be able to truly know what ship sank, as the supposed Titanic will lie at the bottom of the ocean near Newfoundland for the foreseeable future.

6.Ted Cruz...the zodiac killer?

This is another one that's just too wild to be believable but is fun to speculate nonetheless. Was Ted Cruz actually the Zodiac Killer or has that meme just gone way too far? This mock-"theory" first turned up in 2013 but was made even more popular during his presidential run back in 2016. Unfortunately there, really isn't much to go off of for this meme turned conspiracy theory and is the most easily debunkable one. But still, meme-culture got to me on this one, and it is still fun to consider it, although it is impossible for him to be the Zodiac Killer.

7. Atlantis is where?

Atlantis....the island where literal dreams are made of that mysteriously sank within 24 hours around 9600 BCE according to to the famous philosopher Plato. For centuries people have been looking for this lost city and have been unable to come up with any clue as to where it was or what could have happened to it. But a popular conspiracy theory is that Atlantis is actually frozen underneath the ice of Antarctica. To begin this theory most people start off by claiming that at one point in time not too terribly long ago Antarctica wasn't covered in ice. And according to the Crustal Displacement Theory, it was only covered in ice 12,000 years ago, stating that the Earth's crust sifted an astonishing 2,000 miles. And there is scientific evidence suggesting that Antarctica experience a "cold reversal" somewhere between 13,000 to 14,000 years ago after a warm spout. This theory leaves many believing that during this thawed time period, Antarctica was inhabited and the city of Atlantis was built. Unfortunately, we won't know if this theory is actually true any time soon unless Antarctica's polar ice and ice shelf decide to melt at a much more drastic rate than it already is. But just ask some people, global warming is a conspiracy theory too. (GLOBAL WARMING IS NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORY)

8. What are Snapchat filters really doing?

Why does Snapchat map out your face before it puts a filter on your face? Why does it take a few seconds for the filters load? Is the government really compiling a database just full of millions of peoples faces through Snapchat? We can thank rapper B.o.B. for this popular conspiracy after he tweeted in April of 2016 but was originally coined by Reddit user WtfVegas702, that Snapchat filters and facial recognition technology were being collected by the company and sold to a third party like the government in order to have a database full of peoples faces. To further explain these filters map out the key parts of your face, from your nose to your eyes, to your lips, and even to the high points and low points of your cheekbones and jawline. Now, this isn't unheard of, as the FBI does have a database full of mugshots from criminals to see if someone would match the person in the database if they had committed a crime, so it would only make sense that they would be buying these Snapchat photos in order to build a database and run peoples faces through it if they ever committed a crime, or even run a description of an individual in order to narrow down the search. But as of right now, there should be no need to worry, because Snapchat claims that the photos and videos you send are "deleted" after being watched by the other party. But what about the new memory feature of Snapchat? What are they doing with those photos and videos? Are they really to be trusted when they make these claims? I'll leave that up for debate, but it seems pretty fishy to me.

9. Has anybody ever been to Taured before?

Have you ever heard of the country Taured? No? Well, that's probably because it doesn't exist. So why was this man at a Japanese airport claiming to be from Taured in 1954, and where did he mysteriously disappear to just a few hours after being questioned? Imagine you're being detained by airport security on a regular business trip, only to find out your home country does not exist. This man was fluent in French, Japanese, and a number of other languages, which made it even more confusing for airport security. He claimed that Taured was a nation between Spain and France, a nation we know as Andorra. His passport did state that he was from Taured, and it also showed his previous trips to Japan and other places prior to this particular one. The bank that issued his checkbook was nowhere to be found, the hotel he stayed at the previous night had no bookings under his given name, and the business he supposedly met with had no idea who he was, or even what the business was he was representing. After reaching a stalemate, with both sides thinking themselves correct, customs quickly ran out of ideas on what to do as nothing like this had ever happened to them before. They decided to put this mysterious man in a hotel room overnight, since he couldn't be arrested, and question him further in the morning. Two guards were stationed outside of his room as a safety precaution for that night. They were convinced they caught him in the act of forging fake documents and lying to officials. But when the time came for him to be questioned further and his hotel room was opened the man was gone, vanished without a trace, practically into thin air, and he went so did his passport and checkbook that was being held within the airport security. Now the actual conspiracy behind this is that this man from Toured lives in a parallel dimension besides ours, and during his trip at some point accidentally crossed into ours, and was pulled back into his dimension before any serious repercussions happened. Of course, we'll never know, because he went missing without a trace, as well as the mysterious land of Toured with him.

10. The movie Frozen was used to cover up what?

For decades, it's been claimed that Walt Disney's body and/or head has been frozen underneath one of the Disney parks so that scientists could revive him in the future and make him immortal. But now when you google Walt Disney Frozen all that pops up is the hit movie from 2013. It is believed that the Disney hit movie Frozen was a ploy to redirect peoples searches when they googled "Disney froze on ice" or something along those lines so that the movie would pop up instead of the age-old tale of Disney being frozen on ice. It's all a big play on words, but a totally plausible conspiracy theory given that Disney alluded to it multiple times himself. But until scientists invent immortality like they're trying to do with the "23 and Me" DNA test conspiracy theory, then we'll never know.

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