More Than Just A Pair Of Letters
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Student Life

More Than Just A Pair Of Letters

There's more to sorority life than meets the eye.

More Than Just A Pair Of Letters
Carly Phillips

Five words. One sentence. Endless eye rolls.

"Oh, you're in a sorority,"

If there is anything in this world I hate more than mornings without coffee, it's people who assume things. More specifically, people who assume the worst in things.

When people hear the word sorority, they think: "partying," "uneducated," "classless," "paying for friends," and "hazing."

Before deciding to go Greek, these preconceived stigmas behind sorority life really made me hesitate as to whether this would be the best choice for me. Was I really about to involve myself with people like this? Was Greek life really as great as people made it appear to be?

Choosing to go through the recruitment process my freshman year, I was hesitant as to how well I'd fit in with a group of girls who were already so close to one another. Though the entire process was tough and stressful, I knew right after night one that this was going to be one of the most rewarding and life changing experiences I've ever been a part of.

I learned quickly that there were so many other successful, caring, and personable young women on campus who cared about not only their own success and happiness, but the success and happiness of someone they had never even met before. Regardless of what chapter it might have been, they all wanted me to be happy with my choice, and they knew that I would belong where ever I wanted to be.

And I did just that. I found the chapter that gave me that "this is where I'm meant to be and who I'm meant to be with" feeling. Opening up a bid card with their name on it was not only better than any Christmas morning I have ever had, but it was also the most reassuring piece of paper a girl could ever ask for; these girls saw potential in me and chose me to be one of their sisters.

After bid day, I not only fell in love with every single one of my sisters, but I fell in love with being an active sorority member. I took advantage of leadership opportunities, I went to every event I could, I helped fundraise for philanthropy, I wore my letters with pride, I supported my sister's other activities, and much more.

I also started to meet more people on campus. Once getting more acquainted in the Greek community, I gained so many new friends in other chapters (yes, it is possible to be friends and not rivals with girls from other sororities, despite contrary belief). Some of my closest friends may not be in the same sorority as me, but one thing is for sure—we are all so passionate about Greek life.

I also realized that the saying is true; "once you become a part of it, it becomes a part of you." A lot of the times, people think Greek life is a waste of time and money. But I beg to differ.

Time spent with my sisters is priceless. I would never trade a second of my sisterhood for the world. I'm happiest when I'm with them, and I can't thank them enough for everything they do for me.

They push me to become a better person each and every day. I always know there will be a familiar face to say "hello" to as I walk to class each day. They've seen me at my best and they've seen me at my worst, but they still whole-heartedly accept the person that I am.

Being in a sorority is much more than just wearing a pair of letters and saying you belong to an organization. It's learning about your chapter's history, being inspired by upperclassmen and alumni, giving back to those who need it most, and most importantly, it's home.

Now, when I hear the word sorority, I think of words like "opportunity," "service," "sisterhood," "philanthropy," "home," "love," and endless amounts of positive things.

Yes, we may post way too many pictures "sorority squatting" or excessively tag our big sisters in relatable articles online, but it's only because we love each other and we're passionate about what we're a part of. We're just like every other college student, we just craft a little bit more than they do.

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