I graduated high school all of 3 years ago and at the time, I thought that meant I was a "grown-up" HA. Let's be real, I am still not a grown up...at all.

I still call my Mom on a daily basis. I still regularly mess up financially. I still don't really have any idea what I am doing with my life, but here we are.

The truth is, when you graduate high school, you feel like it is the end of a lot.

It is the end of those high school football games, the end of practices for the sport you loved, the end of having a set school schedule and a structure that your mommy and daddy had set in place, but WOW, it is the beginning of so much more.

This is the beginning of that first taste of independence.

This is the beginning of setting your own schedule for the first time ever (HA, this might be interesting, it was for me).

This is the beginning of figuring out who you are when you are stripped of the people you spent the last 18 years with.

And holy moly, this is NOT a bad thing.

You can and you will be able to get through the change.

This goes for anything in life.

Perhaps you aren't mourning your high school days. Maybe you are mourning your college days or mourning your first job. Maybe you are mourning a relationship, or mourning the house you called home for a very long time.

For any of life's changes, it is time to shift our perspectives.

Every end IS a new beginning (sounds cheesy, I know, but this is true).

When you are feeling lost and confused and out of focus, this is the time when there is freedom to step in a new direction.

Step into finding out who you are. Step into finding out what is true. Step into new situations that are going to grow your faith and love and zeal for life.

High school isn't "the end", holy cow, it is SUCH a new beginning.

The end of an old job is not the end. Your new job can take you to new places. Your new friends can teach you more than you thought.

Keep on movin' forward my friend.

Life may be wild, but it most definitely is not over because you feel stuck. Take a breath and keep steppin'.

If you are in a season when something is coming to an end, I know it is hard to see now, but there are new beginnings. There are new things in store and that doesn't mean the loss of the last thing is super easy, but it does mean that there IS hope.

Time is going to fly by, so take each moment for what it is, hold it tight, but remind yourself that it is alright for change to come. This is life, and you are allowed to move forward.