My prose struck a blank so my verse is taking over!

1. "Rival"


You sap my life of joy, Rival

With those words of doubt.

I love and you cannot, Rival

And drive affections out.

You want to break us up, Rival

To be alone again.

But he is my cure, Rival.

It is not a sin

To be in love, Rival.

Let me be free to choose

Or else I lose him, Rival

Lose him because of you.

2. "Springtime"


The butterfly, fresh from its cocoon

With spread its wings in the air of June.

No longer a bud, the rose will bloom

Petals open, prime and finest

While the fledgling bird leaves its nest.

3. "Rhinestone"


Some roses are red,

no diamond can break.

Look, a crack!

Must be fake.

4. "I Will Not Light My Candle"


I will not light my candle.

This room is already bright.

It is too much to handle,

This blind and piercing light.

I do not want the bushel.

I would like to let it shine.

But this room is lit, it is special

So there is no room for mine.

5. "Friends Yesterday" (Parody of " 'Oklahoma!' People Will Say We Are In Love")


Don't chat all day with me.

Don't praise my art too much.

Don't try to make me laugh so much,

People will start shipping us.

Don't make plans so eagerly

Your compliments do not have an end.

Folks will stop believing me

When I say we are only friends!