Have you ever just done something on a whim? Just gone out and done something because someone told you that you shouldn’t do it? That right there is the entire reason why I went out to join a sorority. I remember there was a booth set up in the student hub at school, and someone asked if I wanted to sign up for recruitment. Honestly, my initial reaction was to laugh and walk away. I am not a sorority girl. I hate pink, don’t know who Lily Pulitzer is, and have never gotten along with girls. I still signed up though, not expecting to ever go to another event or anything. As it turns out, I went to another event; but it scared the living bejesus out of me.

I couldn’t tell you why it scared me exactly. Well, actually I can. Between signing up for the sorority recruitment and that first event, I had started to soften to the idea of joining one. There was one girl who just kept telling me how much she enjoyed being in a sorority and how much she loved her sisters. She told me about the crafts, the philanthropies, the parties; and suddenly I realized that maybe sororities weren’t like how I thought they were. I had been imagining a girl version of Animal House, with weird rituals, paddles, and a bunch of tall snobby blondes. The way this girl explained it, actually made it sound like something I would enjoy. That meeting made it all real. It made me realize that I might not get the chapter that I wanted. It made me realize that I might not make a chapter at all. I ended up chickening out.

By some miracle, the one chapter that I wanted needed to do extra recruitment. I ended up joining in extra recruitment. I was still shaky on the idea of joining something that I had made fun of ever since I learned what it was. And then someone told me that I shouldn’t join, and that is what made me sign my bid.

I have never regretted it, not once.

When I joined Alpha Sigma Alpha, I immediately learned that sororities, or maybe just our chapter, is not like the typical stereotype. No one is annoyingly preppy, they don't make me wear pink, we only have one tall blonde girl and she's great, we don’t yell sister whenever we see each other and I love it. I almost hate saying this because it sounds cheesy, but I’ve met some of my best friends in this sorority. Without them, I don’t know what I would be doing all the time. If you’re ever on the edge of trying to figure out of you want to rush or not: just do it.