Morals Learned From Watching HBO's Sex and the City

Sex and the City was a T.V. sitcom that was broadcast by HBO circa 1998. Up to today's date, this is one of my favorite T.V. shows. Even though, I hate Carrie the main character, sometimes. I have learned a lot about her and her friends, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha. So, here's what I have learned by being a true fan of Sex and City.

Firstly, you are never too old to wear pigtails. Carrie looks very mature and down to Earth wearing pigtails on the show. It was that episode when Aidan was abandoning Carrie's apartment and fixes her toilet before leaving. That was when we realized pigtails are ageless.

Don't follow trends, be a trendsetter. Carrie's outfits are ludicrous. Let's be honest! But, yet they are so fashionable and screen out her talented self. Her outfits are a reflection of her open-mindedness, creativeness, and versatility.

A woman must fight to have a professional career. Thanks, Miranda. This is for you. Miranda's the closest to Carrie. She's a lawyer in a law firm mostly run by men. She becomes a mother and never quits being a lawyer and continues to be a successful one. She did have some struggles with her new motherhood. But, she tried hard and didn't ruin her career.

You are never too old to have sex and look good. This is for Samantha. She's the oldest of Carrie's friendship squad. But, she's very attractive and successful woman who knows herself very well. Although I wouldn't recommend being as sexually involved with others as she is; Samantha enjoys her sex life to the fullest. Later, she settles down with a younger man which shows that love does not have an age.

It is always greener on the other side. Charlotte, the sweetest of Carrie's friends married the man who she thought was perfect. He's a handsome doctor who comes from a wealthy family. Charlotte's marriage is ruined by her husband's impotency and mother-in-law Oedipus' complex. She gets divorced and most of her dreams shattered. She finds true love in her divorce lawyer. Her divorce lawyer, Harry is very unattractive. Nonetheless, he accepts Charlotte's reproductive issues, he is really good in bed and gets her pregnant. Her dreams of being a housewife and a mother become true. Happy ending for Charlotte, she deserved it.

Now, back to Carrie. No matter how cheap your outfit is always worn your best shoes. Carrie has a Manolo Blahnik's shoe collection. She leaves little money for her savings. But, she does have the best shoes in town. She once said, invest in one's own shoes you can always use them to walk on others. Yes, we can always say, Hey, I know better about fashion just look at my shoes!. I know Carrie meant something else with it. But, shoes are very important, we walk with our feet, our feet carry all our weight, we must accommodate our feet to our daily needs. Here is New York, there's always a lot of walking to get done!

The true love of our lives is the most complicated. After so many breakups, ups, and downs, humiliations Carrie always forgave John, aka Mr. Big. He's the most unattainable guy but what Carrie really needs. Too bad, she never ended up with Aidan. Anyway, Mr. Big was a very sexy older man.

Back to Samantha's saying. Honey, I love you but I love me more! If our relationship is a man is not working. Why keep on trying? Let's end it up. I know there will be tears, pain, and suffering. But, why fix something that cannot be repaired and does not work as before. Let's break up in good standing without hurting each other. After all, we shared a lot together. Jerry Jerod, you were the best!

Lastly, true friendship never dies!!!! These four girls always got each others' back. And their legacy will last forever!!!

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